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Watering Cycle Pause Functions


Controllers will “pause” watering cycles in response to certain sensor readings or program settings in the controller. Pauses are a normal function of the controller. Watering pauses will be indicated on all controllers by the presence of a RED or ORANGE LED as shown in the table and the reason for the pause will be displayed.

LED ColorLED ColorDisplay/ MessageReason
Red  Controller dial is set to OFF
GreenRedRAINRain sensor disks are wet (SLW Only)
GreenRedFREEZETemperature is 37 degrees F or colder (SLW Only)
GreenRedSENSSensor tripped at the SEN terminals
GreenOrangeRAIN DLYIrrigation cancelled for additional hours in SLW DLY (SLW Only)
OrangeGreenOMIT-TIMECycle paused for omit hours set
OrangeGreenSOAKZone waiting for soak time out
OrangeGreenZONE DLYWaiting for next zone valve to open
OrangeGreenPAUSEWaiting for MVP to turn on or off
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