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SLGDT Lightning Arrestor Installation Guide


A powerful inexpensive way to protect your SmartWire™ system components from lightning strikes. SmartWire™ Lightning Arrestors attach directly to the SmartWire™ 2-wire system and help dissipate static electricity generated by a nearby lightning strike. While all SmartWire™ components have optical isolators and other lightning arresting features, the Lightning Arrestor provides an important extra measure of protection.


  • Protects SmartWire™ from excessive static charges created by a lightning strike.
  • Connects directly to the SmartWire™ 2-wire system for ease of installation
  • Sealed and impervious to moisture, salts, fertilizers and mild chemicals
  • Shock resistant
  • Freeze/heat resistant (-20 to 60 C)
  • No electrical contact with the soil
  • Each Lightning Arrestor protects a 300 foot radius

Electrical Specifications:

Requires no power from SmartWire™
Can only be connected to SmartWire™ systems


Size: 2” x 2” x 1”
SmartWire™ wires, red and black, 12”
Ground wire: green

How to Specify and Order:

SLGDT Lightning Arrestor

Installation Requirements:

  • Installs directly on the SmartWire™ red and black wires
  • Attaches to ground rod* via green wire
  • Suggested that a Lightning Arrestor be placed every 600 feet along the SmartWire™ 2-Wire path
  • Can be buried directly in the soil
  • One Lightning Arrestor should be within 25 ft of the SmartLine® or ProLine™ controller
  • A single stub line must not exceed 50 feet without a Lightning Arrestor
  • Connect green wire to an 8’ copper clad UL approved ground rod or other approved grounding method to obtain 12 ohms or less resistance.
  1. Each Lightning Arrestor protects a 300 foot radius.
  2. There shall be a Lightning Arrestor within 25’ of the SmartLine® controller. A ground rod or adequate electrical safety ground may be used.
  3. There shall be a Lightning Arrestor at the end of the SmartWire™ 2-Wire path that is the maximum distance from the SmartLine® or ProLine™ controller. If the SmartWire™ path is looped, install at the furthest point from the controller.
  4. A stub length shall not exceed 50’ without a lightning arrestor (must be within 300’ of an existing Lightning Arrestor).
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