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PROBLEM: Controller won’t allow to SMART and/or no antenna icon on display

System requires installation of SLW Weather SensorInstall optional SLW Weather Sensor
SLW Weather Sensor not initialized to controllerInitialize SLW Weather Sensor according to instructions in SMART section
Missing required SMART settingsPush and hold down MODE button for a scrolling message indicating needed information.  Enter needed information for time, date and ZIP Code or Latitude.
Battery in SLW Weather Sensor is drainedReplace battery with AAA LiFeS2 DO NOT use alkaline battery. When inserting battery observe polarity.
Communication cable or wireless communication problemCheck cable and connections at controller.  Use SLW battery diagnostics to check for RF problems on wirelss SLW.  See note below.
Defective SLW Weather SensorReplace SLW Weather Sensor.  If SmartLine® controller has no communication for 5 days, it will revert to BASIC program settings
Defective SLHUB communication hubReplace SLHUB communication hub
The SLW Weather Sensor and transceiver HUB have gotten off of the channel sequence.Remove the SLHUB from the cabinet. Remove the batteries from the SLW Weather Sensor. Press the rain spindle on the top of the SLW Weather Sensor. Replace the SLHUB int othe cabinet and the batteries into the SLW Weather Sensor and resynchronize by pressing rain spindle.

Note: You can use the diagnostic LED on the SLW5 to determine the reason the controller will not let you enter SMART. To view the diagnostic LED, look through the vent hole on the bottom of the SLW5 unit. Hold the Rain Spindle on the SLW5 unit . See section 4.2.5. Observe the blinking LED. First Blink RED—The battery/s in the SLW should be replaced. Second or Third Blink RED—The SLW is defective and should be replaced. Fourth Blink Red—Communication problem is in the cable or SLHUB or RF signal problem on wireless units. If all SLW diagnostic blinks are GREEN, all SLW functions and communications between the SLW and SLHUB are working properly. Recheck data entry required into controller.

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