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PROBLEM: Display shows 0 ZONES

Defective or loose moduleReplace module in zone 1-4 position

Explanation: The controller is not recognizing the zone modules (SLM) that are connected to it. Most likely either the zone module or controller has been damaged.

Resolution: Try the following steps in order to resolve this issue.

  1. If you are using a 12 zone module (SLM12), see “Why Isn’t my Controller Recognizing the SLM12 Module?” for SLM12 support. 
  2. Replace the zone module (SLM). The modules need to be installed from left to right with no open space in between.
  3. AC power needs to be present for the controller to recognize modules. Make sure the controller is plugged in and the panel door is closed all the way.
  4. Attempt a clear all on the controller.
    • Turn the dial to the advanced position menu.
    • Use the up and down buttons to navigate until the screen reads “CLEAR ALL” and press next
    • The screen will read “CONFIRM”, press next. The screen will read “CLEARING” and then “COMPLETE” when it has finished.5.) If these solutions don’t work, you will need to replace the controller.
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