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▶️ System is Watering When I Don’t Want it To


More than one Start Time

Having more than one start time on the controller will cause it to repeat the full program for each start time. It is a common mistake for people to set more than one start time thinking they are setting start times for the zones.

To fix this, turn the dial to “Program Start Times”. Press the next button so that the display shows a 2 on the left side. Use the up and down buttons to scroll until the display shows “OFF” located between 11:50 PM and 12:00 AM. Press next and the display will show a 3 on the left side. Set this to OFF using the same method.  

Smart (Auto-Adjust) Mode

Smart mode, also called auto-adjust mode, uses information provided by the controller’s weather station to calculate run times. Because of this, the controller’s run times may run longer than desired so it will be necessary to set an omit time. 

To change the omit days and times settings, see below:

Omit Days and Times

If a controller is still irrigating when it reaches the start time of the omit time setting, it will resume watering again once the omit time setting ends. 

First turn the dial to omit days/times, then push next. Use the up and down buttons to set begin setting the time. A forward (>) arrow indicates the beginning time for the omit time window. After the desired time has been set, push next. A reverse arrow (<) indicates the end time for the omit time window. Use the up and down buttons to set ending time. 

Seasonal Adjust

The seasonal adjust feature allows you to change run times based on a percentage. The seasonal adjust setting can be set as high as 300% or as low as 0% causing no watering to occur. 

To view seasonal adjust settings, turn the dial to “Seasonal % Adjust”. You can use the next and back buttons to scroll through each month and the up and down buttons to change the percentage set.

Valve Issues

Issues with valves, such as them being stuck open or damage to the wiring between the controller and the valve can cause issues with zones watering.

If you are experiencing issues with valves, you should contact your local irrigation maintenance provider to replace the solenoid, diaphragm, or other system components.

You can use the controller’s built in milliamp meter to help diagnose these issues. Turn the dial to the advanced menu position. The screen should say “TESTS”, if it does not use the up and down buttons to scroll until it does. Once the screen shows “TESTS”, press the next button. The screen will show “OUTPUTS”, press next again. The first reading will be for the master valve and will show “MV1” on the left side of the display. Press next to cycle through zone readings, the respective zone will be shown on the left side of the screen. 

Typical solenoid readings range from 250-350 milliamps. Anything less than 30 milliamps is considered an open circuit. Shorted valves will generate a fault message viewable in the faults menu.

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