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Quick Start: SmartLine Controller SMART Programing

  1. Installation of optional SLW weather station and Basic Programming is required for Smart Programming.
  • Verify correct time and date at Current Time/Date dial position.
  • Enter Program Start Times, Zone Run Times, and Days. See Basic Programming instructions.

2. Turn dial to steps noted below. Use NEXT and UP and DOWN buttons for the following program steps:

3. Enter ZIP Code or Latitude. (more >)

4. Enter Sprinkler Type or Precipitation Rate for each zone. Set zones to be operated in Basic to STD setting. Unused zones should be set to OFF. (more >)

5. Enter Plant Type for each zone. (more >)

6. Enter Soil Type and Degree of Slope for each zone. (more >)

7. Enter More or Less setting (optional). Set % by zone to accommodate factors like shade, wind, and sprinkler inefficiencies. (more >)

8. Return dial to RUN.

9. Initiate communication with the SLW weather station. You will need to go to the SLW weather station and push down on the Rain Sensing tab at the top for 15 seconds. If communications have been established, you will see an antenna icon on the bottom of the display. Flashing antenna icon indicates communication has occurred in last five minutes. (more >)

10. Use MODE button to enter Smart Watering Mode. If you have communication with the SLW, the Smart GREEN LED will light. This confirms that you are operating in Smart mode. (more >)

11. Select ON LED for Rain/Freeze sensing position so that the controller will shut down during rain and freeze events.

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