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SL-HG-ANT-LTE Antenna Installation Instructions



The SL-HG-ANT-LTE antenna is supplied with all the necessary mounting hardware and a sealing gasket.
Access to the underside of the body surface is required to complete the installation.

Installation Instructions

The SL-HG-ANT-LTE antenna has a 12mm Base Bolt and is mounted on to a stainless steel L-bracket using the 12mm Hex Nut provided.

To mount the antenna, mount the stainless steel L-bracket to a wall or pole using stainless steel screws or U-bolts so that the antenna, when installed, stands upright as seen in the illustration to the right. DO NOT mount the antenna upside-down or at any other angle.

To install the antenna, remove the Hex Nut from the Base Bolt, seat the antenna through the hole in the stainless steel L-bracket, place the washer over the Base Bolt and then thread on the Hex Nut.

Use a torque wrench to tighten the Hex Nut to 2.89 ft lbs (3.92Nm) maximum. Use the supplied cable from the antenna base to connect to the SmartLink Aircard.

The supplied gasket provides a seal to prevent moisture from entering the enclosure if mounted on an enclosure. For uneven surfaces, silicone may be added around the base of the antenna.

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