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SmartLink Aircard Installation Instructions


Step 1: Installing the Aircard

  1. Verify the version of SmartLine controller is compatible through the Advanced menu. Only versions 3.1 and higher are compatible.
  2. Remove the SmartLink Aircard, accessory bag containing screws, and antenna from the box. On the outside of the box and Aircard is a label with the Aircard 19 digit ID number. You will need this to activate and register your Aircard on the SmartLink Network.
  3. Screw the antenna into the Aircard.
  4. Run the Aircard cable up through the bottom of the SmartLine controller case. You may need to widen an existing hole using a drill or punch out the area indicated
    on the bottom.
  5. Plug the cable into the RJ-11 phone jack located inside the controller. Ensure it is plugged in completely.
  6. Verify all of the cables are out of the way and close the panel door, ensuring it is closed completely.
  7. The Aircard status LED will flash rapidly green until it cycles through the 4 status positions. This will last approximately 15-30 seconds.
  8. If you have not yet activated and registered your Aircard, the Aircard status LED will flash green through the first 3 status positions: Panel, Tower, and Signal. It will then flash red indicating activation is required. See Step 2 – Setting up your SmartLink Network Account to activate. You will need the 19-digit ID number.
  9. If you have activated the Aircard through the SmartLink Network, the Aircard status will be a solid green light once it establishes communication. If, after activation
    on the SmartLink Network, the status flashes red, please contact the Help Desk.
  10. Complete the installation by mounting the Aircard using the screws provided in your accessory bag. The antenna should face down.

Step 2: Setting Up Your SmartLink Network Account

  • Go to and click the “Login” button at the top right of the screen. There you can login to an existing account or create a new one.
    • When creating a new account, please fill out all required areas marked with an asterisk (*). Note: Company Name is required. If creating a personal account, use your name in place of the company name.

Step 3: Creating a New Site

  • Once logged in, you will be taken to the Sites page.
  • To add a new site, select the “+ New Site” button at the top of the Site page.
  • Enter the Site name and complete address.
  • Select the Save button.

Step 4: Creating a New Controller

  • In the selected site, select the “New Controller” button to activate your Aircard.
  • Enter a name to identify the SmartLine controller to which the Aircard will be connected.
    On the outside of the box and on the Aircard is a 19 digit number. This is the Aircard ID. Enter it exactly as shown and verify it is correct.
    Enter location information.
  • Verify the site is correct or select another site from the drop down menu.
    Select the Activate button to activate the Aircard. Only select the Activate button once.

Step 5: Activating Your Subscription

  • Once the Aircard is activated, you will be taken to the Subscription page.
    To activate your access to your new controller, enter the 9-digit subscription plan number found on the PLAN CARD from the Aircard box or on the sticker on the FRONT of the Aircard.
  • If you do not have a subscription plan, you have the option of entering credit card information to charge the subscription or using the 30-day temporary access activation. Note: If a subscription plan or credit card info is not entered prior to the expiration of the 30-day access, you will lose the ability to access the controller from SmartLink.
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