Project Description

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Manage Your Sites

  • One or hundreds of sites accessible from your web connected devices providing unlimited range control.
  • Dashboards provide quick indicators of controller issues and email alerts give you notifications of irrigation issues.
  • Automatic updates means you get the benefit of new features immediately as they are available at no extra cost.
  • Incorporate a flow sensor and get high flow shut down, flow alerts and reports at a fraction of the cost of central control.

Save Water

  • The cost of water has risen by 18% since 2010, faster than any other utility service. One third of the U.S. now pays more for their water than they do for electricity.
  • 70% of all water use goes to the landscape. Of that water, 50% is wasted by typical systems. Smart systems conserve that water and improve the health and beauty of the landscape.
  • Weathermatic is the pioneer and world’s leader in Smart ET-based irrigation control. With over 500,000 installations on commercial and home sites in 85 countries. Smartlink offers expert level water management and system reports to each user. This saves you time, saves you money, and most important, it saves water.


Status Snapshots

Quick view of controller and weather sensor status along with faults

Map Views

Geographic view of all your sites and controllers with status

Site Dashboards

Site based view of recent activity, weather forecast and controller status


Basic Programs

Establish multiple programs for standard mode programming

Smart Programs

Add plant type, soil type and slope for water-saving auto-adjustments

Global Commands

Send global run, stop or delay commands to hundreds of controllers at once

Water Restrictions

Set omit days and times to comply with local water restrictions


Run Times

View historical controller run times by controller or zone

Water Use

Access water use reports based on run times


View high and low temperature to see impact on watering

Activity Logs

Access history of system changes and faults


Inspect with Control

Inspect while turning on zones remotely from within the application

Identify Issues

Capture broken heads, laterals, clogged nozzles for repair

Capture Photos

Upload photos of repair needs from within the application

Export and Share

Output to PDF or Excel for development of work order or sharing


Quick and simple. Set up generally takes less than 20 minutes.

  • Simply connect the SmartLink Aircard to your SmartLine Controller with the included cable
  • Log in to SmartLink and activate using the number on your Aircard
  • Set up your zones and enter soil, plant type and slope for smart water savings
  • Add your virtual or real flow parameters for detailed reporting


  • Connects the SmartLine® or ProLine® controller to the SmartLink®™ web application
  • Provides Web-Based control from a computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Simple to install
  • Set-up in minutes
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Status LED
  • Gold plated antenna connection
  • Cellular-Based communication
  • Indoor/Outdoor use


SmartLink® Aircard for ATT Cellular Network

SmartLink® Aircard for ATT Cellular Network with 50ft Extension


  • Adds Flow capabilities
  • Flow Sensor connects directly to unit and not the SmartLine® controller


SmartLink® Aircard with Flow for ATT Cellular Network

SmartLink® Aircard with Flow for ATT Cellular Network with 50ft Extension

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Sales Sheets & Brochures

SmartLink Contractor Brochure
pdf Download
SmartLink Contractor Brochure
SmartLink End User Brochure
pdf Download
SmartLink End User Brochure
SmartLink Flow Brochure
pdf Download
SmartLink Flow Brochure

    Manuals & Installation Instructions

    SL-HIGHGAIN-ANT Antenna Installation Instructions
    pdf Download
    SL-HIGHGAIN-ANT Antenna Installation Instructions
    SmartLink Aircard Flow Manual
    pdf Download
    SmartLink Aircard Flow Manual
    SmartLink Aircard Installation & Quick Start
    pdf Download
    SmartLink Aircard Installation & Quick Start
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