It all starts with WATER!

Water is the fastest growing utility expense today, but also suffers from the highest degree of waste, often exceeding 50%. At the same time, 844 million people in the 3rd world lack access to safe drinking water. Think about that for a moment. Herein lies a life-changing challenge and opportunity!

Weathermatic is on a mission to change the way we value and manage water. As the fundamental element of life and landscapes, we believe water deserves the passion and talents of our industry applied in all three service phases:

At Weathermatic, we are building partnerships with professionals who share our WATER FIRST Commitment

These partnerships forged between a network of elite developers, consultants, installers, property managers, and landscape maintenance providers combine to deliver sustainable water management for a higher purpose.

Our “Save Water, Give Life” initiative directly links every Weathermatic product purchase to the gift of life-saving water through drilling clean water wells for communities in crisis. So please join us by applying our market–leading smart technology and world class quality products and services.

Let’s make a difference together by putting first things first.

Because we know in our businesses and in our lives:

It all starts with WATER!

Progress is Paramount

Goal Progress

500 Wells
125,000 Lives

Weathermatic and our partners have already completed safe water projects in countries from El Salvador to Nicaragua to Sierra Leone. Together we’ve impacted schools, villages, and churches to save over 30,000 lives in 100 communities and counting in places like San Luis, San Marcos, Rio Medina, Maximino Barreto, Semilla de Esperanza – to name a few. With your participation, we can do more – much more. Let’s partner to save 125,000 lives!

Garcon Rosie, 71-year old, said, “Before this intervention, the [water access] situation was critical. We had to travel almost 40 minutes. Sometimes the lives of the children were threatened as they had to cross the highway to collect drinking water. A child almost lost a leg while crossing the road.”

Bas Morne La Coupe, 2E Section, Acul du Nord, Haiti
Robinson Yandari Akumbari, a 45-year-old teacher said, “All my students and I collected water from the river for our daily use and to drink. Students always came to class late because they needed to collect water, and I was always afraid of them drowning. Once, a child came to class and, although he was very thin, he had a very swollen belly. I knew he [was sick] and advised his parents to bring him to the health post. They gave him medicine. But as a soon as the pills ran out, he [became sick] again. I knew it was from drinking unsafe water. I knew that to solve this problem, we needed not just medicines but safe water.”
Charapacocha Native Community, Peru

Jean Marie said, “For many months, the community did not have access to safe water. The water well did not work, and the population had to go out of the community to access safe drinking water.” She explained that having safe water “will change a lot as we won’t have to go out of the community to access water.”

Jileron Carrefour Carre, 3e Section, Haiti

Recent Clean Water Wells

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People Need Clean Water

Over 600 million people, including hundreds of thousands in Central American, lack access to clean water and adequate sanitation. Many families in rural communities still collect water from contaminated rivers or other unprotected groundwater sources. Even with great progress, still today, a child dies every 60 seconds due to water borne illnesses resulting in 1 in 5 children not living to their 5th birthday.

Join Us Today – Purchase and Donate

You can help make a difference by purchasing Weathermatic products, and through a tax deductible donation to this vision and goal through the Weathermatic Foundation. Your purchases and donations will go directly to funding new water projects to deliver clean water directly to those who desperately need it the most.