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Total Reset Procedure For Controllers


A total reset will clear all programming data in the controller. All settings will return to factory defaults.

For all models except SL/PL800:

  • Turn dial to Advanced Menu.
  • While pressing the UP arrow button, use an open paper clip or ballpoint pen to push in the Reset switch located on the back of the operating panel. Release the reset button while continuing to press and hold the UP arrow button.
  • Once the display shows CLEARING, release the UP arrow button.
  • Reprogram controller.

For the SL/PL800:

  • Unplug the power supply on the side of the SL/PL800.
  • Turn dial to Advanced Menu.
  • While continually holding down on the UP arrow button, reapply the power connection to the SL/PL800.
  • The display will read “CLEARING” to verify that the Reset is complete. Re-enter your controller settings.
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