With increasing business costs, the scarcity of talented people, and limited water resources reaching tipping points, the landscape industry is facing new challenges that can ONLY be countered by new technology and opportunity. With over 70 years of experience partnering with companies like yours, Weathermatic retains proprietary, affordable, and efficient technology that uniquely delivers a vital solution for the nation’s leading landscape maintenance companies.


Double capacity with remote access to irrigation controllers. Hiring techs solved!


Double profits by growing irrigation repair and revenue to 20% of maintenance revenue.


Eliminate wasteful irrigation tasks in the office and field. 30-50% efficiency improvement!


Be recognized as an environmental thought leader to achieve 90% contract retention rates!


  • Manage an unlimited number of sites from a single device and a single login
  • Manage all properties from a scaleable cloud-based tool – anywhere, anytime
  • Win the best accounts by radically differentiating from your competition
  • Conserve time, labor and fuel – eliminate more than 6 on-site trips per year
  • Track and manage water use with smart controllers that automatically adapt to landscape and weather conditions
  • Comply with water restrictions while maximizing watering opportunities
  • Monitor & record all of your properties’ alerts, repairs & fulfilment of services
  • Reduce landscape damage from over/under watering or line breaks
  • Provide clients with documented proof of services and needed repairs


The primary goal of the Weathermatic Premier Partner Program is to provide a solution to improve the labor efficiency and revenue opportunities for a Partner’s irrigation business. The following is a case study highlighting the effectiveness of building a strategy to get this done.

In 2020, this full-service landscape company became a Weathermatic Premier Partner. Like most landscape maintenance organizations, they approached their irrigation repair business as a requirement for fulfilling their maintenance contract responsibilities. The irrigation group was largely unorganized and was reacting to every irrigation issue. They had a hard time catching up.

“SmartLink gives us the ability to respond to issues within one to two minutes instead of sending techs on a 30+ minute drive to diagnose and identify the problems. To say that we have a 25% increase in efficiency would just be touching the scale.”

Keith Gonzales, Operations Manager, Southern Botanical

“The Weathermatic Partnership gives us an advantage
in the marketplace with everybody in the industry selling similar landscape
services us being able to include this technology to our customers has been ideal.”

Brad Palermo, Business Development Manager, Westco Grounds

“The program has helped us tremendously in getting these controllers on site and helping us win new business by offering water management within our maintenance contract.”

Russell Simpler, Managing Partner, Smith Lawn & Tree

“The Weathermatic Partnership gives us another layer of customer service by delivering a higher value to our clients through water management.”

John Vanderburg, VP Business Development, Silversand Services

“Weathermatic has not only helped us create efficiencies through SmartLink,
but has also helped us in advocating for H2B legislation.”

Chris Lee, President, EarthWorks

“We were in a competitive bid situation for a large campus and because we were able to show the value that the Weathermatic Partnership offers… gave us a competitive advantage over our competitors.”

Tommy Silvers, Dir. Of Garden Management, Southern Botanical

“The Weathermatic Partner Program enabled us to parallel our vision and core values by delivering water management services to our customers and empower our teams to be more efficient.”

Jason Mathers, President, Monarch Landscape Services

“Weathermatic has shown over and over how they are interested in learning about our business
and what are our challenges and then systematically helping us with it,
it’s the definition of a partnership to me.”

Chris Lee, President, EarthWorks

“The Partnership with Weathermatic has been huge in earning us new business, it has allowed us to get the new technology in the hands of our clients.”

Russell Simpler, Managing Partner, Smith Lawn & Tree

“This program has changed our business by allowing us to bring technology into an industry that is lacking. [It] makes the difference, it allows us the opportunity to take SmartLink to our customers without a high capital investment.”

Jimmy Collins, President, Silversand Services

“SmartLink is the beginning of my day, it alerts me to any changes that have happened to my properties, rain delays, valve shorts, or a list of other problems.”

Amanda Griffin, President, Smart Outdoor Services

“In one single year SmartLink has helped us reduce over 20 truck rolls to a single site.”

John Vanderburg, VP Business Development, Silversand Services

“Labor is our number one issue, training and retaining quality employees…
Weathermatic saves us on labor.”

Chris Lee, President, EarthWorks

“Smartlink has made a huge difference in how we can manage irrigation and save our customers water… it’s changed our business.”

Jimmy Collins, President, Silversand Services

“Smith Lawn & Tree is a rapidly growing landscape company currently managing 250+ Irrigation controllers. The Weathermatic Partner Program allows us to be efficient in the field and with how we manage our clients water.”

Russell Simpler, Managing Partner, Smith Lawn & Tree