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Changing SLW or RFS5 Batteries

  1. Loosen bottom cover section on the SLW or RFS5 and rotate the cover in the keyholes and remove the cover.
  2. Replace the existing batteries with two (2) AAA lithium batteries.
  3. Reactivate the SLW or RFS5 by holding down the rain tab on the top of the unit for 15 seconds.
  4. Return to the controller. The antenna icon will be flashing in the display.
  5. Push mode and sensor buttons to verify a green LED at SMART and Active positions.

If you have an SLW5 Weather Sensor, you can verify the remaining voltage in the SLW battery at any time by turning the dial to Advanced Menu, Tests. Push Next to get Outputs, then push DOWN button to get SLW Battery. Push Next to read the remaining voltage. Note: The SLW Battery function is visible after you have established communication with the SLW.

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