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PL800 Installation Instructions


Controller Installation

The PL800 is designed for indoor installations only. Choose a location that is convenient to valve wiring and a 120V (230V for export models E-PL800 and E-PL800A) outlet. The PL800 is not intended for operation by children and should be installed in a location convenient for operation by adults but out of the reach of children. Choose a location with good lighting to maximize display readability.

Mounting the PL800 Controller

  1. Install a wall anchor. Insert the provided mounting screw into the the wall anchor to a depth allowing the head of the screw to be inserted in the keyhole at the top center of the housing. The housing should be flat against the wall with the head of the screw in the keyhole.
  2. Remove the hinged wiring compartment door and set it aside temporarily.
  3. Level the controller housing on the wall and secure it with a second screw through the center housing standoff located just below the terminal position for Zone 1. If additional screws are desired, use the left and right standoffs at the bottom of the housing.

24V Valve Wiring

  1. Connect Common Valve Wire to COM screw.
  2. Connect optional master valve or pump start to MV-P terminal and the Common terminal.
  3. Connect zones 1 through 4 to terminal screws provided. Note: You should always locate zones by using the Hot Post connection. On the PL800, you may use the left 24V auxiliary terminal position as a Hot Post. This terminal position is protected by the fuse.
  4. If you require constant 24VAC power for a wireless sensor or other optional powered equipment, use the two 24VAC auxiliary terminals provided at the left end of the terminal strip.

24V AC Power Wiring

Insert male connector into female receptacle on the side of the PL800 housing. Use provided restraints to route the power cable down the side of the housing. Plug transformer into convenient outlet.

Adding Extra Zones

Connections for two SLM2 modules are provided at the right side of the terminal strip to expand the PL800 to 6 or 8 zones. The SLM2 modules are hot swappable and the PL800 will instantly recognize the additional zones. Push each module onto the male connector. Use the provided terminal screws to secure the front of the module. Do not skip module position 5 and 6. Always install that module position first. To remove an SLM2 module, first remove the terminal screws and then use a small flat blade screwdriver to move the module forward from the rear connector.

Connecting a Sensor

Use the S1 and S2 positions on the terminal strip for connecting a standard type rain sense or freeze sense. Discard the wire loop if a sensor is connected. Important: The wire loop must be left in place if a sensor is not in use.

Conduit Skirt

Complete your installation by sliding the conduit skirt into the locking slots on the housing. Use two additional provided screws to secure the bottom of the skirt to the wall.

Replace the hinged wiring compartment door.

Electrical Data for the PL800.

The PL800 uses a 750mA transformer to power a total of 2 valves including a master valve or pump start relay. Take caution when installing a pump relay that maximum output current does not exceed 720mA.

The PL800 does not use a backup battery. All programming information including time and date are non-volatile.
Replacement fuse for the PL800 is a 1.0A, 3AG, slow blow fuse.

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