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8014 Series Owner’s Manual



Thank you for selecting Weathermatic’s SoloRain® battery operated valve controller. This unit has the latest technology and will provide many years of reliable service.
Please read the following instructions carefully to get familiar with important precautions, programming, operation and installation instructions.

NOTE: In our efforts to continually improve and update our products, features and specifications in this manual may change without notice.

This controller is not intended for use by young children or the infirm without supervision. Young children should be supervised to insure they do not play with this appliance.

If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer, an authorized service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

U.S. Patent No. 6,314,340
Smart Solutions for the Professional®

1.0 Getting Acquainted With Your SoloRain Controller

1.1 Controller Features

  • Manual on and off
  • Length of watering time: 1 minute to 12 hours
  • 6 watering programs
  • Mist Cycle available on all 6 programs
  • LCD display
  • Easy Select & Adjust® programming
  • Days of the week, Odd/Even, and Interval scheduling
  • Rain Delay 1 to 99 days
  • Rain, Freeze, or Wind sensor attachment capability (8014SR only)

1.2 Electrical Specifications

The 8014 is powered by a factory installed AA size long life 3.6 volt lithium battery. It is designed to operate for a long period of time of normal use on a Weathermatic valve. Actual battery life will depend on the number of cycles run per year, valve size, operating pressure, and temperature.
The battery is replaceable and is available as a service part.

1.3 Technical Data

  • Operating temperature range 32° to 140°F
  • Dimensions 5.5″ H x 3.25″ W
  • Made of ABS and nylon plastic construction
  • Operating pressure: 7 to 150 PSI
  • Protective cover included

2.0 Installing the SoloRain Controller

Replace the AC solenoid and bleed collar (if one exists) with the 8014 battery operated controller. Do not over tighten.

The 8014 SoloRain fits Signature valve models 7900 1” series, 9000 1” series, 7951, 7952, 7953, and the 9500 1 1⁄2” and 2” series.

Solenoid adapters are also available for mounting the 8014 SoloRain on most other manufacturers valves.

2.1 Connecting a Rain/Freeze/Wind Sensor (8014SR only)

The 8014SR is equipped to operate with any sensor with normally-closed leads.

To install a sensor, connect the sensor wires to the two 8014SR wire leads using the supplied waterproof connectors. Do not strip the wires when using these connectors.

Note: If no sensor will be used the sensor leads of the 8014SR must be connected to each other for automatic operation.

3.0 Programming the Controller

To access the control panel, remove the protective cover from the 8014 SoloRain. Squeeze the side tabs and lift off the cover. Always replace the cover for added protection.

Use the + / – buttons to scroll through available options.

3.1 Setting the Time and Date

3.1.1 Set Current Time

Turn the Select dial to the TIME position. Press the + / – keys to scroll to the correct time.

P.M. is indicated by a P in the display.

3.1.2 Set Current Date

Turn the Select dial to the DATE position. Press the + / – keys to scroll to the current month and day.

3.1.3 Set Current Year

Turn the Select dial to the YEAR position. Press the + / – keys to scroll to the current year.

Note: When date and year are selected, the day of the week is automatically set. The 8014 SoloRain is leap year compatible.

3.1.4 Changing the Time and Date Format

The 8014 SoloRain controller can display time in either the 12-hour or 24-hour clock format. When the 24-hour format is selected the date format will also change to Day:Month.

To change the time and date format:

  • Rotate Select dial to the TIME or DATE position
  • Press both the + / – keys at the same time
  • The PM indicator will disappear and the clock will change to 24hr time
  • Date will also be in the Day:Month format
  • Days of the week will change from SMTWTFS to 1234567 (Sunday = 1)
  • To change back to 12 hour clock and Month:Day format repeat the above steps

3.2 Setting a Watering Schedule

The 8014 SoloRain can be programmed to run 1 to 6 watering programs per day. This means you can start and stop the watering from 1 to 6 times in a 24 hour period.

To set a watering schedule for Program 1 turn the Select dial to PROGRAM 1 and follow the steps below.

3.2.1 Set Start Time

Turn the Set dial to START TIME. Press the + / – keys to select the desired START TIME for PROGRAM 1.

3.2.2 Set Stop Time

Turn the Set dial to STOP TIME. Press the + / – keys to select the desired STOP TIME for PROGRAM 1.

3.2.3 Set Schedule

The controller has three scheduling options: Set Water Days

WATER DAYS, or daily, lets you choose which days of the week you want to water (i.e., Monday, Wednesday, Friday only).

Turn the SET dial to the DAYS position. Press the keys to select the days you desire to water for PROGRAM 1. “+” will select that day for watering. “-” will delete that day for watering and that day will not be displayed in the DAYS programming screen. Set Odd/Even Days

ODD/EVEN tells the controller to water on either the odd or even days of the month (i.e., the controller will water on the 31st and the 1st when an ODD schedule is chosen).

Turn the SET dial to ODD/EVEN position. Use the keys to select O or E. Set Interval Days

INTERVAL waters every X number of days (from 1 to 30 days) (i.e., water every 3 days, waters every 10 days, etc.). A value of 1 in an interval schedule means to water every day. When using the interval option, you have the flexibility to tell the controller what day to start the interval program on (up to 30 days out).Turn the SET dial to ODD/EVEN position. Use the keys to select O or E.

Turn the SET dial to INTERVAL. Use the keys to select an interval from 01-30. PROGRAM 1 will now water per the interval you have selected starting today. Example: An interval of 1 waters every day, interval of 2 waters once every other day.

3.3 Setting Additional Programs

If more than one program per day is desired, turn the SELECT dial to Programs 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 and repeat the START TIME, STOP TIME, and SCHEDULE steps above. If no additional cycles are needed proceed to next step.

3.4 Reviewing and Changing Your Watering Program

3.4.1 Reviewing Your Program

Turn the SELECT dial to the cycle you want to review.

3.4.2 Changing Your Program

Select the START TIME, STOP TIME, DAYS, INTERVAL, or ODD/EVEN positions on the SET DIAL. You can make changes in the program by changing any of the values.

3.4.3 Clearing Watering Programs Clear One Program

To clear the programming in one of the six programs, turn the SELECT dial to PROGRAM 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 and rotate the SET dial to CLEAR and press the key. Clear All Programs

To clear all programming, turn the SELECT dial to the RUN ALL position and the SET dial to the CLEAR position and press both keys at the same time. This will clear all programs.

3.5 Running Your Controller

3.5.1 Run Your Scheduled Watering Program

You can choose to run all six programs or select any one of the six. Turn the SELECT dial to your choice of RUN ALL to run all the programs that have been entered or select the individual PROGRAM number 1-6 that you wish to run. Turn the SET dial to the RUN position. The 8014 will water per the program or programs that you have selected.

3.5.2 Manually Running Your Controller

To turn the water on manually, turn the SET dial to the MANUAL OPEN position. The LCD display will flash 10 minutes of run time. There is a 30-second delay to open or close the valve. You can adjust the desired run time from 1 minute to 6 hours by using the keys, at any time during the manual run.

To return to automatic operation turn the SET dial to RUN after the manual run has started. The manual operation that you selected will finish and the timer will return to automatic operation as scheduled.

To stop manual watering rotate SET dial to the OFF position. Note: The 8014SR will override the sensor if activated and run manually.

3.6 Turning the Controller Off

To discontinue watering when the timer is in operation or to prevent automatic operation turn SET dial to the OFF position. To return to automatic operation return SET dial to the RUN position.

4.0 Advanced Features

4.1 Setting a Rain Delay

To postpone programs due to wet weather turn the SET dial to the RAIN DELAY position and adjust the desired delay from 1 to 99 days using the keys. Return the SET dial to the RUN position. The RAIN DELAY symbol will show on the LCD. After the RAIN DELAY the 8014 will return to automatic operation.

4.2 Operation with a Sensor Installed (8014SR only)

If a sensor has suspended watering, the RAIN DELAY symbol will appear on the LCD. The symbol will turn off when the sensor has dried out. The 8014SR will resume automatic operation at the next start time. Rain sensor status is checked every 16 minutes during normal operation or when the set dial is moved out of the RAIN DELAY position. If the sensor is activated while a program is running, the program will be stopped within 16 minutes.
An installed sensor may be tested by moving the SET dial into and then out of the RAIN DELAY position and observing the RAIN DELAY symbol on the LCD.

4.3 Changing or Clearing a MIST CYCLE

Repeat steps above for setting a mist cycle to change duration and delay times. See “Clearing one or all watering programs” to clear the MIST CYCLE completely and start over.

5.0 Maintenance

5.1 Battery Replacement

The long life 3.6 volt size AA Lithium battery is replaceable if necessary. Remove the four screws under the control housing and gently open the unit. Replace the battery. Carefully replace the housing and install the four screws. The battery is available as a service part (77482) from Weathermatic.
WARNING: Damage to battery may cause fire, explosion or electrical shock. Replace battery with Weathermatic supplied service part only. Dispose of used battery properly.

5.2 Plunger Cleaning

To clean the plunger and plunger tube gently remove the plastic plunger retainer with needle-nosed pliers. Clean debris from the plunger and plunger tube. Then replace the plunger retainer.

6.0 Troubleshooting the Controller

Valve not operatingDebris in valveClean valve
Valve not operatingDebris in plungerSee 5.2 Plunger Cleaning
LCD is not workingDead batteryReplace with a new battery
Flashing battery symbol appearsSigns of depletionSet the dial to “Clear” to clear the display
Solid battery symbol appearsLow batteryReplace with a new battery
RAIN DELAY symbol appearsRain delay is programmedCheck rain delay programming
RAIN DELAY appears (8014SR only)Sensor has been trippedAdjust sensor settings as desired
Rain Sensor symbol onRain sensor is activated or if no rain sensor installed, the jumper is missingCheck to see if jumper is installed if there is no rain sensor
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