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Weather Station Lithium Battery Installation Instructions


Installing the Lithium Batteries in your SLW or RFS5 Weather Sensor

Step 1:

Loosen and remove the screws to the bottom cover on the SLW5 or RFS5. Remove the cover and set aside.

Step 2:

Install the two (2) AAA lithium batteries.

NOTE: Pay attention to correct polarity when installing the batteries. Incorrect installation may cause damage to the product and/or performance.

Step 3:

Place battery case back into the SLW or RFS5 and replace cover. Ensure the antenna cord is placed back into the antenna.

Step 4:

1 – Program auto adjust settings in controller (SLW Only).

2 – While standing in front of controllers, press the rain spindle on the top of the SLW5 or RFS5 for 15 seconds; then watch the LED which is visible through the openings in the cover at the bottom of the SLW5 or RFS5. You will see 4 blinks. All blinks should be Green. At this time, put the controller into Auto Adjust mode on controller (SLW Only).

NOTE: If the controller fails to hold in auto adjust mode, press the auto adjust button and hold for instructions in display related to issue that failed to allow controller to be placed in auto adjust mode.
NOTE: The 4th (final blink) indicates the strength of the RF communication. If the 4th blink is Red, you do not have a satisfactory RF communication. Move the SLW5 or RFS5 to a different mounting location and repeat the diagnostic procedure.
NOTE: The first diagnostic blink indicates the strength of the 2 AAA lithium batteries in the SLW5 or RFS5. A Red signal would indicate a need to replace the batteries. Capable life for the lithium batteries is 10 years. If the 2nd and 3rd blinks are Red, replacement of the weather station is required.
NOTE: A separate SLW5 or RFS5 weather station is required for each SmartLine® controller that you are installing.

3 – Return to the controller and push the MODE button to place the controller back in the Auto Adjust position. If the SLW5 or RFS5 wireless weather station and SmartLine® controller are in communication, the Auto Adjust GREEN LED will light and the antenna icon will appear in the display.

Verify the remaining voltage in the SLW5 or RFS5 battery at any time by turning the dial to Advanced Menu, Tests. Push Next to get Outputs, then push DOWN button to get SLW Battery. Push Next to read the remaining voltage. Note: The SLW Battery function is visible after you have established communication with the SLW5 or RFS5.

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