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PROBLEM: Controller does not turn on zone when expected

Sensor jumper is removed and no sensor is connected (Sensor LED is red)Install jumper wire between SEN terminals Select OFF mode if desired
Sensor wires have been cut (Sensor LED is red)Repair wires
Zone comes on at unexpected timeProgram daily start times not set properly or multiple start times set. Check Program Start Times
Stacked program has commenced normal operationModify settings (such as program start times, zone run times) to prevent stacking if undesirable
Time of day or date not set properlyReview/set time of day and date
Watering days or omit days/dates not set properlyReview/set watering days or omit days/dates
Run/Soak feature has extended watering windowNormal operation to allow water infiltration and prevent runoff
Controller does not operate zone for expected run timePause for Run/Soak in progress. This is normal operation to allow water infiltration and prevent runoff
Module not installedInstall module
No initial AC power-up of controllerConnect AC power and close control panel
Zone set to OFFSet zone run time
Dial set to SYSTEM OFFPosition Turn dial to RUN
No zone run time set; no daily start time setProgram zone run time and daily start time
Omit times/days are activatedVerify omit times/days
Rain or freeze sensor has stopped watering (Sensor LED is red)Replace sensor if faulty
Select OFF mode if desired
Reset start time to later in the day to avoid early morning freezing temperatures.
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