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Smart Control Zone Assembly Kit Installation Instructions

Note: Using the teflon tape that has been included, wrap the male fitting of the filter/regulator clockwise with four to six wraps around the threads. Insert filter assembly into the downstream opening of the valve (see illustration) and thread the assembly to 65 in-lbs torque. Do not use Pipe Dope or Solvent Cement on threaded connections.
Warning: Over tightening may result in SCZ kit failure due to mating part cracks or the valve may break.


Before installation, make sure you have sufficient water supply, pressure and flow. Connect pipes to primary water source and install master valves, pressure regulators, and backflow preventers as required.

To install the Smart Control Zone Assembly Kit:

  1. Flush the system thoroughly until the water from the main line runs clear.
    • In areas where freezing conditions occur, make provisions for draining the system by using both a drain valve and shut-off valve installed on the main line feeding the sprinkler system.
  2. To test the connections for water leaks, turn on the main water supply. The valves may open when first pressurized and will close within one minute.

Electrical Connection

All Weathermatic Smart Control Zone Assembly Kits are supplied with a 24-volt solenoid. Connect the solenoid only to a controller that uses an approved class 2, 24-VAC transformer as a power source via approved direct burial type wire. Valve wires can be buried. All wire splices should be joined using waterproof connectors. Run one common wire to each location to serve all the valves at the location. Note: Allow enough slack in the solenoid wires to enable the removal of the solenoid if future maintenance should be required.

Warning: Do not connect the solenoid lead wires to 110VAC house current. Serious injury or electrocution could result.

Manual Operation

The SCZ utilizes a manual operation method – in order to operate manually, locate the manual bleed lever on the valve at the base of the solenoid and manually turn the lever upward until the bleed lever reaches the manual stop. (Fig. 1)

Flushing the Filter Screen

To flush the filter you must first ensure the control valve is off. Unscrew the filter cap and remove it from the filter housing. Manuall operate the valve until all debris is clear from the water being flushed. You may choose to attach a hose to the filter housing to divert the flush out of the valve box.

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