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DI6754T & DI694T Series Installation Guide


REPLACES: TORO® 650, 670, 680, 750, 780

STEP 1: Remove Old Drive Assembly

STEP 2: Assemble New Conversion Assembly

  1. Twist off nozzle/cap (counterclockwise).
  2. Pull off nozzle assembly.
  3. Snap in correct nozzle. (see Performance Chart)

For Windy Conditions

Turn short range nozzle to vertical position to improve distribution patterns.


STEP 3: Install New Conversion Assembly

  1. Place new assembly in body.
  2. Install new snap ring.
  3. Reinstall nozzle/cap assembly. (twist on clockwise)

NOTE: Cap is self-tightening, no need to overtighten.

🔗 Performance Data

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