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Solar 9600TW Technical Specifications

Table of Contents
Technical Specs – Solar9600TW.pdfDownload


  • 48 or 96 Station two-wire configuration
  • Converts SmartLine to a totally “portable” water management system using proven solar technology
  • The SmartLine controller paired with the SLW weather station is SWAT tested and EPA Watersense certified: Smart Irrigation, Smart Power
  • Green power source using 100% renewable energy
  • SmartLine Solar uses industry standard 24VAC valves, which outperform debris-prone latching solenoids required with battery operated systems
  • Patented system diagnostics include Volt meter, Amp meter and Valve Locator
  • LCD display indicates battery and solar power condition
  • Dual deep cycle solar batteries provide up to 7 days of operation with no solar charge
  • State of the art Solar Charge Technology (SCT) prolongs battery life and protects batteries from over charge and assures a full charge
  • Heavy-duty 16-gauge stainless steel enclosure for secure installation
  • Easy conversion from solar to standard AC grid power allowing for early stage construction of landscape in new or phased-in projects
  • Comes pre-wired and ready to install with:
    • SmartLine controller with all modules
    • Stainless steel enclosure
    • Two industrial-grade solar panels
    • Two solar batteries
    • Four-digit digital meter
    • Circuit breakers
    • Wiring harnesses and cables
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