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SmartLink Technical Specifications

Table of Contents
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  • Easy to use internet-based application accessible from any internet enabled device such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Compatible with current versions of Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Foxfire or Google Chrome.
  • 4-levels of security to limit access
  • Full feature programming capability
  • Access through the SmartLink application is enabled by a subscription service for each SmartLink aircard.
  • An unlimited number of users can access each SmartLink connected controller
  • Secure Amazon AWS cloud data storage with unlimited data backup
  • Unlimited runtime, gallons used, and weather data reporting
  • More than 20 advanced email notifications available
  • System logs events for program and controller status changes, alerts, and communication events
  • inspection reporting feature enables you to
  • Record irrigation “wet-check” information and needed repairs and share with customers using the SmartLink cloud-based Inspection tool.
  • Map property assets using the SmartLink Asset mapping tool
  • Save program information for later retrieval and comparison using the SmartLink Snapshot feature.


  • Enables communication to the SmartLink internet based application
  • Enables remote control operation through any mobile smart phone, computer tablet, or other mobile internet appliance
  • Allows all controller programming functions to be accomplished through the SmartLink web application and SmartLink mobile app.
  • Utilizes cellular-based CATM1 LTE M2M communication to the internet
  • Compatible with SmartLine Models SL1600, SL1620, SL4800, and SL9600TW.
  • Compatible with ProLine Models PL1600 and PL4800.
  • Simple installation allows user to be up and running in minutes. No hardwire or software configuration necessary.
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