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SLF-WIRERIDE Technical Specifications

Table of Contents
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  • SLF-WIRERIDE provides an easy solution for adding a flow sensor and master valve to an existing irrigation system
  • Allows a Weathermatic flow sensor and solenoid actuated master valve (WIRERIDE) or hydrometer (WIRERIDE-PT) to be retrofit to an irrigation system utilizing existing zone valve wires to carry data and valve control signals to the irrigation controller.
  • Cost effective method to add flow monitoring and control to installed systems where existing pavement, hardscape or other landscape features make conventional wiring prohibitively expensive.
  • No programming or set-up of WireRide device is required.
  • Status LEDs for easy identification of device operation.
  • Two-unit device (Controler Module and Field Module) provides for simply easy to install operation.


  • An existing zone valve near the location where the new flow sensor and master valve will be installed is selected as the “host” valve.
  • The zone valve power wire and common wires of the “host” valve are disconnected and used as the network connecting the two WireRide modules.
  • The WireRide Field Module, at the “host” valve location is reconnected to the “host” valve solenoid, to the new master valve and flow sensor.
  • The WireRide Controller Module, mounted at the irrigation controller connects to the flow sensor input, the master valve output and the output used for the “host” zone valve.
  • When the Controller module is powered, the Pathway system allows the irrigation controller to operate the master valve, either normally open or normally closed style and zone valve and receive data from the flow sensor as if they were wired conventionally.


  • Controller Module: ABS housing rated NEMA 1 for indoor use, with exposed screw type terminals and operating status “day-light” bright LEDs
  • Field Module: ABS shell with epoxy encapsulation for NEMA 6p outdoor service. Operating status “day-light” bright LEDs are embedded in epoxy. Color coded 8” X #18 wire leads with UF insulation.


  • Controller Module 5.37” W x 2.63” L x 1.27” H
  • Field Module 1.5” W x 4.0” L x 2.0” H

Electrical Specifications

  • Power Supply Voltage 24 VAC
  • Power Consumption: 75 mA with SLF-WIRERIDE, master valve and host valve
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