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Pressure Regulator Technical Specification

Table of Contents
Technical Specs – PRK-24.pdfDownload

The PRK-24 (XPR*) may be used with any of the following valves:

  • 8200CR Series
  • 11000CR Series
  • 21000CR Series

*XPR indicates factory installed


  • The Weathermatic PRK-24 (XPR) pressure regulating module senses inlet pressure and maintains constant outlet pressure regardless of inlet pressure variation
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 150 psi (10,3 bar)
  • Minimum flow (see valve tables)
  • Maximum flow (see valve tables)
  • Minimum pressure differential between inlet and outlet:10 psi (0,7 bar)
  • Regulated pressure range at outlet:15-110 psi (1,0 – 7,6 bar) (±5 psi,±0,35 bar)
  • Manual flow and bleed control
  • Regulates pressure when valve is operated electrically or manually
  • Downstream connection for accurate pressure sensing
  • Schrader valve for connecting pressure gauge
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