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SmartLink™ Aircard Written Specification

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SMARTLINK: Shall be model SL-AIRCARD1 as manufactured by Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries. SL-AIRCARD1 is comprised of the SL-AIRCARD and SL-PLAN1 for 1 year of service. Additional plans are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 year packages.   Optional package to be available with flow monitoring.

CONSTRUCTION: SL-AIRCARD shall be housed in an indoor/outdoor housing. It shall incorporate an L.E.D. visible externally to indicate operating conditions of the SL-AIRCARD. The SL-AIRCARD shall be connected to the SmartLine Control, as manufactured by Weathermatic, through a cable from the SL-AIRCARD terminating in the SmartLine Control with the use of a plug-in RJ11 connector.

OPERATION: SL-AIRCARD communications protocol will be cellular (LTE) allowing connection through secure web based servers to

SmartLink will not require software to be installed locally on a web-enabled appliance. Connection to SmartLink through the web will be through a web-enabled appliance such as a PC, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.

SmartLink will not require software to be installed locally on a web-enabled appliance. User access to has password secured access to the users account.

Security to the account with access to individual sites and controllers is defined by the account administrator.

Each account will have the capability of unlimited users, sites and controllers.

At the controller page of SmartLink, the web user will be able to review, change or establish all programs available in the SmartLine Controller.

User defined names for Sites, Controllers, and individual zones will be available.

System/Controller/zone alerts will be sent to prescribed user by text or e-mail.

SmartLink will be enabled with Global Commands for complete/partial system control.

SmartLink will be enabled with AT-A-Glance Dashboard for easy review of SmartLine Controller parameters and manual watering operations.

WARRANTY: SL-AIRCARD shall have a manufacturer’s limited warranty of two (2) years. Optional Extended Warranty is to be available.

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