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CombiFlow CSI Specifications

Table of Contents
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A. COMBIFLOW DEVICE(S) shall be model SLF-COMBIFLOW manufactured by Creative Sensor Technology, Incorporated of Rochester, Massachusetts for Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries.
B. The CombiFlow device shall condition and scale the signals from two digital flow sensors and combine them into one scalable digital output.
C. The output shall be a single square wave combining the total rate of flow of the input devices.
D. The CombiFlow device shall be compatible with all Weathermatic flow sensors and most other flow sensors producing a square or sine wave output.
E. The output signal may be scaled to resemble the output of one of the connected flow sensors, another larger flow sensor or a custom value.
A. The SLF-COMBIFLOW device shall be an integrated circuit board with connections for two flow sensor inputs, one flow sensor output, 12- 24VAC or DC power, and programming USB TYPE B connection.
B. A status LED and Power LED shall indicate the current status and powered operation of the unit. The SLF-COMBIFLOW shall be housed in a NEMA 6p Enclosure.
A. The SLF-COMBIFLOW device must be programmed before using with the appropriate calibration constants (K and Offset numbers) for both flow input channels and the pulse output. These constants for Weathermatic sensors will autoload from the programming software. If using other flow sensor brands, consult the manufacturer for correct calibration constants.
B. Programming requires a computer with access to the internet to install programming software downloaded from the CST website: In addition, device drivers for the processor must also be downloaded.
A. The SLF-COMBIFLOW shall have a single square wave output.
B. Frequency Range of 0.3 Hz to 200 Hz.
C. The CombiFlow device shall output a minimum of a 5-millisecond low pulse at low frequencies and reverts to approximately a square wave above 100 Hz.
A. SLF-COMBIFLOW shall have a manufacturer’s limited warranty of two (2) years.

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