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7600 Series Quick Coupling Valves Written Specifications

Table of Contents

QUICK COUPLING VALVE shall be made of rod brass and shall have a permanently attached spring retracted rubber cover.  For models 7644 and 7645 the cover shall be molded in the standard purple color of reclaimed water and include a molded-in warning.  The warning shall be in Spanish and English and illustrated by the international symbol.

Valves shall use Acme® threads allowing gradual opening and closing.  The valve shall be capable of handling 1/2″ to 1″ bearing impact sprinklers and deliver up to 20 GPM at a maximum of 125 psi.  The valve shall have a replaceable retainer nut and the seal shall be of rubber.  Inlet threads shall be one inch (FIP).

Valve shall use rod brass Acme® threaded keys for opening and closing. The connecting threads on the key shall be ____ inch (FIP MIP).  A locking top and wrench (Model 8649) shall be available. 

Quick Coupling Valve shall be manufactured by Weathermatic, Garland, Texas

WARRANTY: Quick Coupling Valve shall have a manufacturer’s limited warranty of five (5) years.

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