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SoloRain 8014ESR CSI Specifications

Table of Contents
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    A. Provide SoloRain Programmable Battery-powered Actuator(s), model 8014ESR as indicated on the Drawings, manufactured by Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries. Programmable Battery-powered Actuator(s) shall be a six (6) program controller(s) with single zone actuator capability.

    1. Two dials and “+”/ “-“ toggle buttons on the top of the Programmable Actuator shall allow easy programming of the unit. The Programmable Actuator shall allow the user to set the current time, date and year into the actuator’s memory. Six programming choices shall provide watering every day of the week, true odd/even or 1-30 day watering interval. Watering shall begin on the minute and run 1 minute to 12 hours in duration. The sixth program shall also serve as a mist program. The delay and duration shall be a minimum of 30 seconds on/off and a maximum of 60 minutes on/off with a run time from 1 minute to 12 hours. The Programmable Actuator shall provide a 1-99 day Rain Delay function. The Programmable Actuator shall provide a manual timed, 10 minute default, operation and dedicated OFF function.
    2. Programmable Actuator shall use a low power DC latching solenoid with a high quality, factory installed, replaceable lithium battery. The actuator shall operate at pressures up to 150 PSI and at operating temperatures from 32˚ to 140˚ F.
    3. Programmable Actuator shall be constructed of two components: the actuator body and the protective cover. The solenoid plunger and attached spring shall be constructed of solenoid grade stainless steel and shall be removable. A microprocessor chip shall be encapsulated into the solenoid body. The Programmable Actuator shall meet International Protection Standard Rating of IP68.
      B. Controller shall have a manufacturer’s warranty of three (2) years.
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