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Max Series Sprayhead CSI Specifications

Table of Contents
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A. LAWN SPRAY HEAD: shall be MAX4, MAX6, or MAX12 (Options: -CV and/or -NP) as manufactured by Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries, or approved equal. Heads shall pop up not less than 4 (MAX4), 6 (MAX6), 12 (MAX12) inches with spring retraction. Heads shall accept a plastic matched precipitation rate nozzle, a fixed arc milled brass nozzle, or an adjustable plastic nozzle. Heads shall have ratcheted flow tube for arc location purposes and shall be check valve adaptable.

  1. Body, cover and flow tube shall be high-impact ABS. A double strength stainless steel retraction spring with reversible design shall provide retraction force. Outside entry of sand and dirt shall be prevented with a pressure-activated wiper seal that provides for zero flow by at 5 psi or greater. The cap to body seal shall be pressure activated to prevent loose cap leaks and seal against the inside edge of the body. Arc location shall be by means of a positive stop-ratcheting device permitting the arc to be located by depressing flow tube while sprinkler is in operation. (Option: The sprinkler shall be equipped with factory installed check valve and shall hold back 14.0 ft./hd. With a minimum pop up and seal pressure of 18 psi and/or a model MAX-NP purple, snap-on non-potable alert ring shall be provided on all installations requiring the use of non-potable water supplies.
    B. The nozzles shall either provide adjustable flows and areas of coverage at rated pressure requirements in both full-circle and part-circle types or shall be fixed arc in both full and part circle types. All nozzles series must have matched precipitation to the extent that full and part circle nozzles can be valved together.
    C. The MAX spray head shall have a manufacturer’s limited warranty of not less than five (5) years.
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