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SmartWire® SLGDT Lightning Arrestor

SmartWire SLGDT Lightning Arrestor
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LIGHTNING SURGE ARRESTOR(S) shall be SmartWire model SLGDT as manufactured by Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries.

OPERATION: Weathermatic SLGDT gas discharge tube lightning arrestors must be used on all 2-wire grids. The SLGDT lightning arrestor attaches directly to the 2-wire system and helps dissipate static electricity generated by a nearby lightning strike. While Weathermatic components have lightning arresting features, the SLGDT provides an extra measure of protection.

WARRANTY: SLGDT units shall have a manufacturer’s limited warranty of two (2) years standard or three (3) years when installed with two wire cable model SLWIRE supplied by Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries and connected using model SLCONN aluminum connectors and dry splice connections supplied with the SLGDT.

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