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SLW Weather Station Technical Specification

Table of Contents
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  • Microprocessor records and processes weather data for use in establishing Auto Adjust run times on any SmartLine® controller
  • Easily installs in minutes in any SmartLine® controller with the SLHUB
  • Once the SLW is connected to SmartLine® all of the “Smart” features become available, saving you a significant amount of water.
  • Rain shut-off settable from 1⁄8 – 3/4” (3 – 19mm)
  • Extended rain delay adds time to rain events before deficits begin to accumulate
  • Rain events decrement current deficits in the SmartLine® controller
  • Freeze shut-off activated at 37°F (3.0°C)
  • Unit can be mounted in sunlight or shade and in close proximity to the roofline
  • On-board diagnostics indicate battery and communication status
  • Remote battery strength measurement from the SmartLine® controller
  • Weather data is used to create powerful reporting when connected to the SmartLink™ Network
  • SLW1 – Includes 35 feet of cable. Maximum run distance for shielded cable wired units is 200 feet
  • SLW5 – Maximum wireless distance from controller to weather station is 1,500 feet line of sight.


Protective white solar shields allow normal air flow while protecting sensor from direct sunlight for accurate temperature readings and eliminating the need for regular cleaning and maintenance of the weather station

Adjustable arm aluminum bracket for gutter thumb screw or wall mounting


  • SLW1 – No power/batteries required
  • SLW5 – (3) AAA Lithium Batteries – 10-year battery life
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