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MAX Spray Head Technical Specification

Table of Contents
Technical Specs – MAX Spray Head.pdfDownload


  • Five year warranty
  • Dual pressure-activated seal (cap to flow tube and cap to body)
  • Easy grip threaded cover
  • Stainless steel “super strength” retraction spring
  • High-strength ribbed design
  • Large self-cleaning check valve (CV)
  • Optional check valve (CV)
  • Optional non-potable (MP) cap


  • Directional flush cap on every head
  • Side and bottom inlets on MAX6 and MAX12*
  • Ratchet nozzle alignment

* Side inlet installation on MAX6 and MAX12 is not recommended in freezing climates.


  • Completely compatible with all industry-standard female thread nozzles
  • MPR nozzles
  • Adjustable Arc nozzles
  • B Series brass nozzles


  • Pressure range: 15 to 70 psi (1,0 to 4,8 bars)
  • Flow-by: Zero at 5 psi (0,3 bars) or greater
  • Factory installed check valve: 14 ft/hd at 18 psi (4.3 m/hd at 1,2 bar). Specify: MAX4-CV, MAX6-CV, or MAX12-CV
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