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Nitro Control Zone SCZ-N-100F-H

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      • PRESSURE REGULATING DRIP CONTROL ZONE KIT shall be model SCZ-N100F-H as manufactured by Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries.
        • Pressure regulating drip control zones shall be pre-assembled units including a remote control valve, wye filter and pressure regulator. Remote control valve shall be model N100F-H “Nitro” with 1” NPT (ISO) inlet and outlet threads and standard flow adjustment. Valve body shall be molded of engineering grade PVC, have a molded shock resistance diaphragm assembly. Remote control valve shall have a manual internal bleed lever on the downstream side of the valve capable of operating the valve without adjustment to the solenoid assembly and without leaking or flooding water in the valve box. Valve shall be reverse flow in design causing automatic closure in the event of diaphragm failure.
      • WYE-FILTER REGULATOR: shall be PRF-25-100 or PRF-40-100 filter/regulator as manufactured by DIG Corporation for Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries. Filter/regulator shall be wye-filter designed with built-in regulator, with 150 psi rating.
      • Pressure regulating drip control zones shall be solenoid or manually actuated. Solenoid actuator shall require 9.86 VA inrush current and 5.11 VA holding current at 24VAC/60 Hz. Inrush and holding current at 24VAC/50Hz shall be 10.66 VA and 5.97VA. Control zone shall a minimum and maximum flow range of 1-20 gpm. Maximum operating pressure shall not exceed 150 psi. Control zone shall deliver a constant outlet pressure of 25 psi (1,73 bar) over an inlet pressure range of 25-100 psi.
      • The drip control zone kit shall have a manufacturer’s over the counter exchange warranty of not less than two (2) years.
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