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SmartWire SLDEC Valve Decoder

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      • Provide Smartline Decoder(s), models DEC1, DEC2, or DEC4 as indicated on the Drawings, manufactured by Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries.
        • Decoders shall be reprogrammable on the job site using the SL9600TW Series controller’s programming port and shall be electrically compatible with any Weathermatic commercial grade 24 VAC low voltage solenoid over the full range of maximum rated operating pressures. 
        • Each decoder output shall be capable of operating up to a maximum of two electrical solenoid valves. 
        • Decoders shall have two way communications between the controller module and decoders allowing for self-diagnostic testing to indicate a solenoid short, open solenoid, and wire path over-current or communications errors.
        • Each decoder shall have an indelible marking label that to indicate the color code and station for each valve operated by the decoder and that may be marked by the installer for identification.
      • Decoder shall decode signals from the SL9600TW to open and close valves operating valves to a maximum of 100 feet (30m) from decoder. An auto shutdown feature shall terminate valve operation should communication with the SL9600TW is lost.  Decoders shall have 14 gauge PVC-coated wire to connect to the two-wire path and valve wires. Decoders shall be shock resistant and heat/freeze resistant (-20 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius)
        • Decoders shall be completely electric in operation. Decoders shall be installed and wired in accordance with manufacturer’s published instructions. Input voltage shall be 24-28 VAC from two-wire path. Decoders shall be sealed units for protection from water and dirt.
      • Decoders shall have a have a manufacturer’s limited warranty of two (2) years standard or three (3) years when installed with two wire cable model SLWIRE supplied by Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries and connected using model SLCONN aluminum connectors and dry splice connections supplied with the decoders. 
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