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SmartWire SL-WIRE Twisted Pair Wire

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      • Connect Smartline Controller to SmartLine Decoder(s) using, models WLWIRE122-XXXX or SLWIRE142-XXXX as indicated on the Drawings, manufactured by Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries.
        • Conductors must be soft drawn, annealed, solid copper conforming to ASTM 33. Conductor insulation must be 4/64-inch thick polyvinyl chloride (PVC) conforming to UL #493.
        • Two insulated conductors shall be laid in parallel and encased in a single outer jacket of 3/64-inch thick, high-density, sunlight resistant polyethylene conforming to ICEA S-61-402 and NEMA WC5, having a minimum wall thickness of .045-inch.
        • The two conductors must be color-coded: normally one conductor red and the other black. Both conductors shall be the same size.
        • Wire shall be sized as either 12 or 14 AWG as indicated on the irrigation plan, but shall not exceed manufacturer’s published limits for maximum wire distances.
        • All connections to the irrigation control wires along the two-wire path shall be made using SLCONN splice kits as manufactured by Weathermatic Sprinkler Division of Telsco Industries.
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