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Las Mariitas Community, Nicaragua

The Las Mariitas community faced a water crisis that severely affected residents. Their old water pump, which was supposed to bring safe water to their homes, was unreliable. When the pump did intermittently work, the water it provided tasted bad due to contamination. The taste wasn’t just unpleasant; it caused severe health issues for community members. Residents consistently suffered from illnesses caused by
waterborne diseases. The frequent illnesses plagued community members, keeping them from their responsibilities at work and home. It also kept children from attending school, which hindered their academic progress.

When the pump stopped working altogether, residents turned to a river for their water needs. However, collecting water from the river was challenging, especially in the winter when the paths were icy and the weather was cold. Carrying heavy buckets of water back to the community was difficult. Community members would often slip on the frozen ground, causing severe physical injuries that would keep adults from work and responsibilities at home. In addition, the water from the river was contaminated just like the water from the handpump, which added to the already mounting health problems experienced by community members.

The community knew something had to change. So, when community leaders heard about our work in the region, they did not hesitate to reach out for help. Our team responded by visiting the community and surveying the situation. They determined that rehabilitating the existing borehole and replacing the old water pump was the most efficient solution. Thanks to your gift, the Las Mariitas community finally has easy, reliable access to safe water!

This well serves as the primary source of water for the community. When the hand pump doesn’t work, residents rely on a river for their water needs. Collecting water from the river is hazardous, especially in winter, causing residents serious physical injuries.
The staff rehabilitate the existing borehole. They install new piping and a hand pump to ensure residents can access safe water easily. They also fix the concrete platform to provide the community with an easy and reliable safe water source.


Exact Coordinates: Latitude: 13.10121
Longitude: -86.81246
Previous Water:Borehole
Total Users:113


Pump Type:Hand Pump
Depth of Well:45 m


Suzana Filomena Izaguirrez Moreno, a 71-yearold resident in Las Mariitas, shared her community’s story of transformation: “There were problems with the pump and a bad taste in the water. Each family in the community has a story due to the lack of water. Years ago, we used to go to the river to collect water. In winter, it was more difficult. At a time when I was going to collect water, I fell and slipped; my left arm was injured, and it was difficult because I couldn’t do my daily activities.”

Suzana is grateful to have a safe water source and for the many benefits it brings to her community. She said, “We will have many changes in our community, and we will have safe water, and our hygiene and health practices will be better.”

Suzana shared with a staff member how the water crisis impacted her community.
This resident is grateful to access water from their new hand pump. With this new safe water source, community members no longer rely on contaminated water for their essential needs.
This resident will serve on the water committee, which was created to oversee
the well. The committee will collect small fees to ensure long-term access to safe and easily accessible water.
These young residents attend a sanitation and hygiene activity led by our staff. Here, community members learn proper handwashing techniques and other disease prevention practices that can be implemented to safeguard their health.
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