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El Javillo Community, Nicaragua

Safe drinking water was a luxury beyond reach for the 50 families residing in El Javillo, Nicaragua. The community was plagued by ailments like dysentery, diarrhea, and other waterborne diseases. With children missing out on school and adults unable to work due to the effects of contaminated water, the leaders of El Javillo sought a transformation in their way of life. They turned to our team while we were in the midst of completing a water project in a nearby village.

Our team expertly drilled an 18-meter-deep borehole and skillfully installed an Afridev hand pump at the surface. The community united in support, offering their labor, materials, and security whenever needed. They even went the extra mile by providing meals to show their unwavering appreciation. To guarantee the pump’s longevity and continued functionality as a vital community asset, the residents of El Javillo established a dedicated seven-person Water Committee. 

Ensuring access to safe drinking water is crucial for the overall well-being and prosperity of a community. However, it is equally important to emphasize the significance of proper hygiene and sanitation practices. Without these essential components, the vicious cycle of disease and poverty remains unbroken. That’s why our team diligently incorporates hygiene and sanitation education into our projects. In El Javillo, community members eagerly participated in hygiene lessons to learn how to enhance their hygiene habits and contribute to community-driven solutions. Topics covered included understanding germs, maintaining clean hands and hearts, caring for the pump, and preserving the water source. A total of 55 individuals actively engaged in these lessons to improve their hygiene practices.

The previous water source, which left the community vulnerable to disease.
The new Afridev hand pump, complete with the donor plaque and a new, concrete platform, which will protect the borehole and water from surface level contaminates.


Exact Coordinates: Latitude: 11.58635
Longitude: -85.89505
Previous Water:Hand Pump
Total Users:50 families


Pump Type:Hand Pump
Depth of Well:18 m


“Getting water has been difficult these years because the teachers have had to walk 300 meters round-trip to get water for the kids and clean the school. We can’t wash the mops and so here the kids have to take them home to be able to wash them. Frequently, kids are sick with parasites and stomachache. Their mothers go to the health center with them, but the kids lose out on their education. Very often, when they are sick, they don’t attend classes. I think children’s health will improve and they will attend school always because they will not sick at home, and the maintenance of the school will be better because now we have water to drink, clean, and water the garden! Thank you!”

  • 49-year-old Elizabeth Villagra Vado, teacher
Javier Mayorga, pictured above, is a member of the new Water Committee, which is responsible for ensuring that the new hand pump is properly maintained.
The team stands beside the pump they helped drill and install.
A community member enjoys pumping safe water from the life-changing pump!

Our partnership with Hart Elementary helped contribute the financial support needed to build the well and educate the community on water hygiene best practices. Thank you for your support!


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