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Grevil Avelar Chavez School, Ruth Garcia Community, Atlantid, Tela, Honduras

The inadequate water supply at Grevil Avelar Chavez School was a stark contrast to its growing infrastructure and organization. As the student population swelled fourfold over two decades, the school had to relocate multiple times to accommodate its 260 students. Despite these changes, a safe drinking water solution remained elusive. Students, staff, and the 50 households in the community resorted to gathering water from a nearby stream, which was unappealing with its brown, lukewarm appearance. Boiling the water at home was a necessity, but it often ran out quickly, leaving students parched during school hours. While the school staff used stream water for cleaning and cooking, the constant threat of waterborne illnesses loomed. Cases of severe diarrhea and respiratory issues were frequent, prompting the school administrators to realize that this situation could not persist.

The Pastor of Ministerio Restaurando la Familia, Luis Bueso, was drawn to the inspiring vision and dedication of the school administrators, prompting him to connect with us on behalf of the community. Together, they saw the potential of a new water well not only as a valuable resource but also as a sustainable solution led by responsible leadership.

The team of experts arrived with the drill rig, ready to dive into the project. Delving 24 meters deep into the earth, they struck gold as they reached a safe water aquifer, causing the students to erupt in joy at the sight of the flowing water. With precision and care, the team cleansed the borehole of any debris, encasing it in PVC and a gravel pack, before sealing it with an Afridev hand pump. To ensure the longevity and safety of the well, they worked hand in hand with the community members to establish sustainable measures. A dedicated water committee, composed of five diligent men from the families of the students, took charge of overseeing the usage and maintenance of the well. By collecting a modest fee per household for water usage, they aimed to create a fund that would cover any future repairs, ensuring the well’s continued function for years to come.

Filled with gratitude for the precious gift of safe drinking water from the newly established well, the students and school staff eagerly embraced the opportunity to enhance their well-being and protect the purity of their water source. Engaging in a comprehensive sanitation and hygiene training, they gained valuable insights into preventing the spread of diseases and responsibly managing water resources. Recognizing the critical role they play in promoting community health, they took ownership of maintaining sanitation standards within their own classrooms. Empowered by this knowledge, they emerged as passionate advocates for improved health practices within their school community.

This is the previous water source for the households and school of the community.
Our team and staff worked tirelessly to reach a safe aquifer.


Exact Coordinates: Latitude: 15.757767
Longitude: -87.489967
Previous Water:Piped Water System
Total Users:260


Pump Type:Hand Pump
Depth of Well:24 m


Oscar Aleman, the 54-year-old school principal, explained how he expected the safe water would benefit the school. He said, “Safe water will supply the school and improve the hygiene and health of students and teachers. There will be better sanitation for bathrooms, and we will save money on purchasing drinking water.”

The well is complete and ready for use!
A team member shows children how to pump safe water from the well for the first time!
These men are on the water committee, meaning that they will oversee the upkeep and maintenance of the pump.
The drilling staff members all receive a diploma of recognition from the local mayor.
This is the exterior of Grevil Avelar Chavez School.
The community members and staff gather around the completed well for a dedication ceremony.
The students of Grevil Avelar Chavez will always remember this because it left them with safe water and restored hope.

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