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College Malcom X, Haiti

Water access was a constant source of frustration and hardship for the 845 students of College Malcolm. The school’s only hand pump had fallen into disrepair over the years, leaving the students without any water source. The students had to leave school to find water when they were thirsty, which disrupted their classes and made it difficult for the students to concentrate on their studies.

To make matters worse, many of the water sources students sought out were unsafe. Water-related illnesses such as diarrhea, dysentery, and other diseases were common. Time spent recovering from these illnesses meant time away from school, putting the students at risk of dropping out altogether. The water crisis was affecting the students’ educations and their chances of a better future.

Louis Jopic is the director of the school. He and the teachers and administrators knew that being able to provide safe was imperative if they wished to effectively educate their students.

Director Jopic explained that, “After the pump broke 18 months ago, the children suffered and they had to search for water.”

The water crisis was affecting the students’ educations and their chances of a better future. The school leadership felt hope when they heard of our team’s work in the region. They contacted us, asking for help. We responded to the school’s need by providing them with a clean water well!

The staff also helped the students and teachers at College Malcolm X establish sustainability practices. They guided them in selecting a water committee, comprised of both students and staff, which will oversee the care and maintenance of the well. Our team will stay in contact with the water committee to support sustainability efforts and monitor the well’s functionality.
And in order to help the students understand how to use the safe water you gave them as a means of improving their health, the team held a hygiene and sanitation promotion activity. These interactive lessons were designed to help the students who participated understand how to use the safe water you provided to improve their health through lessons on handwashing, germ transmission, and the proper transportation and storage of water from their clean water well.

With abundant safe water, he and the teachers can now provide an effective learning environment, one where their students can realize their full potential. They are excited about sustaining their clean water well, modeling good stewardship for generations to come.

Exact Coordinates: Latitude: 19.5495892| Longitude: -71.7197203
Previous Water:Borehole
Total Users:845
Main Water Collectors:Women and children
Pump Type:Hand pump
Depth of Well:28 m
Coliform Bacteria:Absent
Save water give life Well Report
The school’s well has fallen into disrepair.
Our team flushes the borehole before installing the parts needed to make the well work again.
School director Louis Jopic (left) is interviewed by a staff member.
Save water give life Well Report
Community members and students learn about hygiene.
Messengers Lawn and Landscape

Our partnership with Messenger’s Lawn and Landscape helped contribute the financial support needed to build the well and educate the community on water hygiene best practices. Thank you for your support!

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