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Centro Escolar Llano Grande Community, San Vicente, Tecoluca, El Salvador

A severe water crisis at Centro Escolar Llano Grande and the surrounding area led to widespread thirst, illness, and stress for the 67 residents. Relying on a nearby river and spring, the community faced dwindling water sources that were unsafe during certain seasons. This forced students to leave school to collect water, impacting their education and health. The community’s desire to set their children up for success was hindered by the water crisis, necessitating a change for the children’s sake.

After learning about our successful projects in the region, school administrators proactively reached out to us for assistance. Our team quickly responded by agreeing to visit the community. Upon arrival, it was evident that the community urgently needed help and was eager to work together to maintain a new system. In light of this, our team committed to returning soon to install a safe water well on the school grounds.

The team diligently drilled down 37 meters until they reached a secure water source. After flushing out any debris, they lined the borehole with PVC, created a stabilizing gravel pack, purified the water, and established a solid concrete base. With the pump mechanism and well head in place, the well was successfully finished!

Our team was thrilled to assist community members in preparing for a future of effective water management by guiding them in forming a dedicated water committee. This committee will be responsible for overseeing the utilization and maintenance of the newly installed well, as well as collecting a nominal monthly fee to establish a fund for any necessary repairs. By staying in regular communication with our team, the water committee is embracing a proactive approach to stewardship, moving away from reactive behaviors often associated with water scarcity.

Additionally, a sanitation and hygiene awareness campaign was conducted for 36 residents, engaging them in interactive sessions and visual demonstrations. Participants discovered that simple adjustments to their daily routines can lead to enhanced overall well-being. They were educated on the role of germs in spreading disease, instructed on proper handwashing techniques, and taught how to effectively use and store water from the pump. Furthermore, they received guidance on correct tooth brushing practices and creating balanced meals using educational tools.

Community members use this spring, which pools from the nearby river.
This is one of the homes in the community.


Exact Coordinates: Latitude: 13.527968
Longitude: -88.792727
Previous Water:Hand Pump
Total Users:67


Pump Type:Hand Pump
Depth of Well:37 m


“The school’s water situation was really worrying. The water they consumed came from a spring near the river, which is in the lower part of the community. We knew the water was contaminated, but the truth is we had no choice but to use this water. Children used to get sick because of the water. The new will make many things better. The community will be cleaner, and we will have water to drink.”
— Patricia Saravia, 42-year-old housewife

Patricia (right) shakes the hand of a staff member.
The team reached an aquifer.
The well is complete!
This is the community water committee.
Community members participate in a sanitation
and hygiene promotional activity.
A community member pumps safe water for the first time.

Our partnership with SSC helped contribute the financial support needed to build the well and educate the community on water hygiene best practices. Thank you for your support!


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