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Escuela Monte Rico, Muyuta, Jutiapa, El Salvador

Although El Salvador has Central America’s third largest economy, development is hindered by major challenges such as high levels of rural poverty, vulnerability to natural disasters, exclusion from basic services and education, and violence.

Hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans lack access to clean water and adequate sanitation, making sustainable water and sanitation solutions a vital key to the country’s development. Many families in rural communities still collect water from contaminated rivers or other unprotected groundwater sources.

The members of Escuela Monte Rico community relied on an unprotected hand-dug well to fulfill their water requirements, leading to the prevalence of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and malaria among families. Throughout our team’s stay, the community members actively supported our water project, offering their assistance, providing essential materials and food, and safeguarding our equipment during the night. The majority of residents engage in farming to sustain their families. Prior to departing from the community, we entrusted Candido Enriquez Gonzales, a community member, with the responsibility to ensure the well’s maintenance and protect it from any potential damage or theft.

The community actively participated in a comprehensive hygiene education program, covering essential topics such as effective hand washing techniques, safe water transportation and storage, prevention of diseases, proper maintenance of water pumps, identification of dehydration symptoms, and the preparation of Oral Rehydration Solution. These engaging lessons were designed to empower community members to make informed decisions regarding their hygiene and sanitation practices, and to encourage the implementation of sustainable solutions driven by the community itself.

Previous water source.
Community member pumping clean, safe drinking water.


Exact Coordinates: Latitude: 13.773417
Longitude: -90.113167
Previous Water:Hand Dug Well
Total Users:187


Pump Type:New Borehole
Depth of Well:34 m


The team had an opportunity to meet with thirty-five year old community member and teacher, Marlene Castillo, who stated, “We are very happy that we now have a pure drinking water for all our students and our students will be healthy and not sick anymore.”

Water committee member who is responsible for helping maintain the well.
Project in process.
Completed water project.
El Salvador team.
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