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Chisopola Community, Zambia

In the Chisopola community, a pervasive water crisis brought multiple challenges to community members. When the community’s primary water source, a nearby hand pump, broke down, residents were tasked with finding alternative water sources. This unfortunate event was especially burdensome to the women and young girls of the community, who bore the responsibility of collecting water for their families. They traveled long distances and spent more time searching for alternative water sources, which often offered contaminated water. The residents, especially children, suffered from increased waterborne diseases after consuming contaminated water. The devastating health impacts took a toll on the families. Parents were frequently occupied in a continuous cycle of caring for their sick kids, leaving them with little to no time to focus on other essential life responsibilities, like work and household duties.

The water crisis not only ravaged the community’s health but also hindered their agricultural productivity. Farmers encountered escalating difficulties in maintaining their fields due to the scarcity of safe water, resulting in diminished yields. This decrease in productivity strained the community’s economy and food supply, making life even more difficult for community members. The palpable effects of the water crisis affected every aspect of residents’ lives, underscoring the vital role of water in sustaining life and livelihoods.

Community leaders needed to find a solution to this water crisis. When they heard of our work in the region, they immediately reached out for help. Our team responded by rehabilitating the existing borehole, constructing a new well pad, and installing a new hand pump. The Chisopola community was filled with gratitude. Because of your gift, they finally had a reliable, safe water source!

When this hand pump broke, residents traveled long distances to find alternative water sources that offered contaminated water. Unfortunately, this led to an increase in illnesses throughout the community
Our staff rehabilitate the existing borehole. After drilling 43 meters to reach a safe water aquifer, they installed new piping, a new well pad, and a new hand pump.


Exact Coordinates: Latitude: -14.591551
Longitude: 27.251039
Previous Water:Hand Pump
Total Users:250


Pump Type:Hand Pump
Depth of Well:43 m


Christine Mutinta is a farmer in Chisopola. She shared her community’s story of transformation: “The number of waterborne diseases was high, and our children suffered a lot. We spent much time nursing our children because of the contaminated water we used to drink. The production in our fields lessened because of lack of safe water.”

Christine is excited about the many benefits safe water will bring her community. She said, “Our children will have safe water without getting sick. The new safe water source has been awesome because our children are well and healthy.”

Christine shared with a staff member how the water crisis impacted her community.
This resident is grateful to collect safe water from the new hand pump. With the new safe water source, the number of illnesses caused by waterborne diseases can be reduced, and farmers can continue their work without worrying about water scarcity.
This community member will serve on the water committee, which will collect small fees to ensure long-term access to safe and easily accessible water.
A group of residents learn how to be good stewards of their new safe water source by participating in a sanitation and hygiene activity. Community members are now equipped with skills like safe water handling and proper handwashing techniques..

Our partnership with Padilla Group helped contribute the financial support needed to build the well and educate the community on water hygiene best practices. Thank you for your support!


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