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Morne Rouge Community, Haiti

In the community of Morne Rouge, people were facing a challenging time because of a water crisis. Their main water pump, which used to supply water to everyone, was broken for three years. Without the pump, getting water was an arduous task for community members. With no reliable water source nearby, residents traveled far distances to find water, carrying heavy buckets and containers. This journey was tiring and often affected their health. As the primary water collectors, women and children found it difficult to carry water over these long distances. In addition, since residents spent a lot of time traveling to get water, they had less time to care for their homes, do their jobs, or help their kids with schoolwork.

Because of the broken pump, people are also going through financial hardships. Since no water was available in the community, people were forced to buy water, which was expensive. Families spend much of their money on water instead of using it for other essential things like food, education, and medical care. This situation made life difficult for the community members, especially those who didn’t have much extra money to spend. The water crisis in Morne Rouge was affecting the community in multiple ways, making daily life challenging and uncomfortable.

Residents needed relief from this water crisis. Community leaders looked for a solution to what seemed to be a hopeless situation, so when they heard of our work in the area, they immediately reached out for help. Our team responded by rehabilitating the existing well and installing a new hand pump. The three-year struggle for water was over! Morne Rouge finally had access to a reliable, safe water source.

When this water pump broke, a severe water crisis plagued the community of Ba Bwapen Kaw. Residents spent significant amounts of time searching for water and, at times, would come back empty-handed, leaving the family without water for that day.
Our staff rehabilitate the existing borehole. They access a water aquifer 30 meters underground and install a new hand pump to ensure residents have safe water.


Exact Coordinates: Latitude: 19.7154
Longitude: -72.2747
Previous Water:Hand Pump
Total Users:120
Main Water Collectors:Women and children


Pump Type:Hand pump
Depth of Well:33 m


St-Hilaire Cliford, a 33-year-old resident in Morne Rouge, shared his community’s story of transformation: “The situation was difficult. This pump broke three years ago. We were obligated to travel very far to get water. I spent a lot of money on water.”

St-Hilaire is now relieved about the many benefits of safe water to the community. The lives of his family and friends in the community will improve greatly. He said, “The situation will be better because the pump is repaired. The people are very happy.”

A resident collects safe water from the new hand pump. With the new safe water source, community members no longer have to undertake long journeys to collect water, and they can save money for other essential needs.
These residents will serve on the water committee, which was created to oversee the well. The committee will collect small fees to ensure long-term access to safe and easily accessible water.
Residents gather at a sanitation and hygiene activity, where they learn proper techniques to help reduce illnesses caused by waterborne diseases, improving the community’s overall health.
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