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Colonie 1 Community, Haiti

In Colonie 1, a severe water crisis disrupted the lives of its residents, leaving them with limited and unsafe options for water. The situation deteriorated to such an extent that collecting water became daunting, making life in the community immensely challenging. Residents, left with no alternative, relied on an old well despite the notable risks associated with its water supply. Tragically, consuming the contaminated water from the well led to the outbreak of diseases such as typhoid, compounding the hardships faced by the residents. It became increasingly clear that the available water
sources were unsafe, making finding safe water a critical issue.

The old hand pump, a crucial water source for the community, stopped working after years of continuous use, leaving residents with even fewer options. This put an enormous strain on the community, as women and children, traditionally
the main water collectors, ventured long distances and faced greater difficulties in finding water. Their struggles were not only physical but also came with the risk of contracting waterborne diseases due to the consumption of unsafe water.

As the water crisis unfolded, it became apparent that immediate interventions were necessary to prevent further suffering and health risks in Colonie 1. When community leaders heard of our work in the region, they wasted no time
reaching out. Our team responded by surveying the situation and determining that the old water system could be rehabilitated. The staff repaired the borehole and installed piping, a sanitary seal, and a hand pump. Colonie 1 finally had a reliable, safe water source!


Exact Coordinates: Latitude: 19.401582
Longitude: -71.773976
Previous Water:Hand Pump
Total Users:200
Main Water Collectors:Women and children


Pump Type:Hand pump
Depth of Well:30 m
Saint-Fort Dieugrand, a resident of Colonie 1, shared his community’s story of transformation: “It was 
difficult to get safe water. The situation was bad. I used to drink the well water since it was the only 
one we had. I caught typhoid because of that.”

Now, Saint-Fort is excited about the many benefits safe water will bring to the school and the entire
community. He said, “The situation will change. Now we have safe water.”
Saint-Fort [left] shares with a staff member the severity of the water crisis in his community.
When this hand pump broke down, residents traveled to get water from an old well with contaminated water. Consuming the contaminated water led to numerous illnesses like typhoid.
Our staff begins the process of rehabbing the existing water source. After the project is completed, the staff tests the water to ensure it is safe for consumption.
This resident is grateful to collect safe water from the new hand pump. With the new safe water source, community members can enjoy easily accessible, safe water for all their household needs.
These residents will serve on the water committee, which was created to oversee the well. The committee will collect small fees to ensure long term access to safe and easily accessible water.
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