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Caserio Sinai Community, Canton Chiquihuat, Sonsonate, El Salvador

The 90 residents of the Caserio Sinai community relied on ten hand-dug wells to supply their water. However, the sheer number of wells was testament to how difficult it was for the community members to get enough water to meet the needs of each day. The hand-dug wells were shallow and often dried up during the hot summer months. More often than not, the residents had to collect water from the nearby river that was contaminated by human and animal waste. The water was rife with harmful bacteria that made water-related illnesses prevalent throughout the community. The residents often suffered from diarrhea, dysentery, and other waterborne diseases.

The Caserio Sinai residents struggled to get enough water for their families and then suffered the consequences of drinking unsafe water. The community members knew something had to change. They wanted a better future for their children, one that wasn’t marred by scarcity and illness. After they heard of our work in the region, the residents of Caserio Sinai knew they had found the solution to their water crisis. They contacted our team and requested a new well.

When the team visited the community to assess the water situation they saw that the community’s need for safe water was great. A well was drilled 42 meters into the earth to access an aquifer. It was then flushed to remove any remaining sedimentary debris and a sanitary seal was installed. After a barbed wire fence was installed to keep animals away the well was complete! The community members celebrated by drinking water from their new safe water source.

To equip the Caserio Sinai community for future safe water management, our staff guided the residents in several sustainability methods, including choosing a well caretaker. The caretaker will oversee the maintenance of the well and collect a small, agreed-upon fee per household for water usage which will be used to cover any future repairs or replacement parts the well might need. A maintenance schedule and an operating budget was created that will help keep the well in working order.

During their time in Caserio Sinai, our team provided a sanitation and hygiene training for 69 members of the community. The training, which consisted of a series of interactive lessons, was designed to help the participants understand how to use the safe water you gave them as a means of improving their health. The staff demonstrated handwashing technique and good dental hygiene.

Lastly, the residents were shown how to care for the new well and pump and how to safely store the water. They finished the training grateful for the knowledge that would help them improve their personal health and the health of the community at large.

This hand-dug well in Caserio Sinai often goes dry during the summer.
Caserio Sinai is an agricultural community and an adequate water supply is vital to the success of their crops.


Exact Coordinates: Latitude: 13.668694
Longitude: -89.701425
Previous Water:Hand Pump
Total Users:90


Pump Type:Hand Pump
Depth of Well:42 m


“The hand-dug wells were too shallow and ran dry every summer. The water in the wells was contaminated. [The new well] will transform our lives, improving our health and education.”

— José Adrian, 23-year-old farmer

The team begins drilling the new borehole.
Abundant, safe water is now available to everyone in the community.
The well caretaker is a vital part of sustaining the new safe water source.
Members of the community attend the sanitation and hygiene training.

Our partnership with Hart Elementary helped contribute the financial support needed to build the well and educate the community on water hygiene best practices. Thank you for your support!


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