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Category - Haiti


Ba Bwapen Kaw, Haiti
In the community of Ba Bwapen Kaw, collecting water was […]
Bas Morne La Coupe, 2E Section, Acul du Nord, Haiti
Water access was a constant burden for the residents of […]
Capois La Mort High School, Haiti
Water access was a source of hardship for the 350 […]
College Malcom X, Haiti
Water access was a constant source of frustration and hardship […]
Colonie 1 Community, Haiti
In Colonie 1, a severe water crisis disrupted the lives […]
Ecole Nationale De Gens-De-Nantes, Haiti
The 330 students at the École Nationale de Gens-de-Nantes school […]
École Nationale De Sance Savanne Lomgue, Haiti
After the pump on the school borehole broke, water access […]
Fraternite Champ Community, Haiti
In the community of Fraternité Champ, a water crisis affected […]
Jileron Carrefour Carre Community, Section 3E, Haiti
After their borehole broke down, the members of the Jileron […]
Morne Rouge Community, Haiti
In the community of Morne Rouge, people were facing a […]
Papa Andre, Haiti
In the community of Papa Andre, an escalating water crisis […]
Sance Community Local School, Haiti
The Sance community’s local school welcomed 300 students through its […]
Site Lekipay Community, Haiti
The community of Site Lekipay faced an unexpected water crisis. […]
Village Christophe, Haiti
The residents of Village Christophe constantly experienced stress and suffering […]
Villages des Oliviers Community, Haiti
The water crisis was a daily reality for the Villages […]
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