SmartLink by Weathermatic

Partner Contractor Program

Members-Only Offers

  • Exclusive Membership – Partner status is reserved for a select group of landscape professionals who exceed the standard
  • Level UP – We’ll match your existing rebate status level on any competing manufacturing program plus upgrade your Weathermatic Partner membership one level
  • Longer warranty terms – Partners qualify for 50% longer waranty coverage
  • Access to Capital Financing – Partners may qualify for financing support of large projects to help manage growth of their business
Weathermatic Partner Rewards

Set Your Business Apart

  • Access to New Products – Partners participate within New Product innovation at Weathermatic and gain first territory knowledge, training and access to new products.
  • Annual one-on-one business consultations – provides awareness of technology and business trends and ensures your offerings are aligned with your market conditions.
  • VIP Customer Support – Partners receive priority access to our Technical Support Team to ensure timely responses to your critical needs

Exclusive Solutions for Your Business

  • Product Availability – Partner’s designated Distributors will receive Priority shipping on all stock items
  • Education & Resources – Partners receive discounted Factory training programs and access to a network of CPA’s, Marketing Consultants and Recruiter referrals
  • Market Share – Partners receive priority access to leads generated from Weathermatic marketing and business development activities

Partner Responsibilities

  • Partner’s crew members and company vehicles present a consistent, professional image
  • Be prompt and professionally respond to all sales calls, site inspections and Weathermatic-generated lead follow-up
  • Treat each customer with respect
  • Provide quality system design and installation services using professional grade products in accordance with industry standards and applicable codes
  • Satisfy customer expectations by leaving each job site in the best condition possible
  • Respond to service calls promptly
  • Take advantage of opportunities for professional and educational development programs provided by Weathermatic and industry associations
  • Conduct all business dealings in a legal and ethical manner including maintaining a current payment status with your designated Distributor
    Agree to have at least one person on each irrigation crew receive Weathermatic Certification
  • Partner accepts Program and places an initial purchase order valued at 10% of the targeted annual purchase commitment from at least (4) Weathermatic product groups to gain access to Weathermatic Program benefits
SmartLink by Weathermatic Partner Rewards Program