Weathermatic Sells Golf Products Line to Bear Irrigation, LLC.

Growth in the Water Management Market Drives Strategy of Both Businesses

Weathermatic is announcing the sale of its Golf Products line to Bear Irrigation, LLC, a General Partnership that includes Glen Grizzle, the original designer and manufacturer of the product line. Golf Products, established in 1996, is a well-known line of golf irrigation products that has been formerly branded as John Deere, Signature, and most recently Weathermatic.

For Weathermatic, the sale of golf sprinkler products enables a continued focus on driving growth and innovation in smart connected water management technology. As the world’s leader in smart water technology, Weathermatic’s solutions help maximize landscape health, labor efficiency, and conservation.

According to Weathermatic CEO Mike Mason, “This transaction is a true win-win for both organizations. Bear Irrigation is re-acquiring an industry standard brand with a long history which will allow them to capitalize on their strong manufacturing and marketing legacy. Weathermatic will continue to accelerate development of our revolutionary water management solutions for industry-leading landscape maintenance contractors and sustainability-minded Fortune 500 organizations.”

Bear Irrigation continues the 28-year legacy of Golf Products as a proven industry leader with high-quality production, design, manufacturing, and marketing experience. Managing Partner Glen Grizzle states, “This acquisition is the homecoming of a product line that we developed, care about greatly, and is deeply rooted in our core competencies. We envision significant opportunities to expand Bear’s presence with a strategic focus on solving the problems of the superintendents and their staff, servicing existing products across many common brands, as well as new construction in both the golf and sports turf markets.”

Bear Irrigation Products will include a complete line of golf rotor sprinklers, replacement golf rotor inserts for most popular name brands, as well as a complete line of hose end products designed specifically for the golf and sports turf market.

Weathermatic is a leading provider of water-conserving technology and services. Based in Garland, TX, Weathermatic has been serving landscape professionals for more than sixty-five years and has a full line of controllers, weather stations, valves, rotors, sprays and nozzles. Weathermatic products have been installed in over 70 countries and in high profile properties like the U.S. Capitol Building, Buckingham Palace and the College Football Hall of Fame.

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