Water with Purpose

The more water you save, the more water we give.
Thank you for the generous support of our recent mission to El Salvador on July 21.

Weathermatic customers have helped provide clean drinking water for over 25,000 people, just by conserving irrigation water. 

Water is essential for life. The lack of clean drinking water is a global crisis. Water with Purpose is our response and our purpose as a company. Water with Purpose can be viewed two ways. One – Water as a resource that we bring to those around the globe in need of it. Two – Water as an action, a verb that we and our global partners endeavor to do at our homes and across our landscape portfolios. We water our landscapes with purpose. We save water to give life. Either way or both, Water with Purpose is what we do at Weathermatic.

We are joining with our customers and with other partners to drastically reduce landscape water waste. But for us, it doesn’t stop at conservation. We found that a year’s worth of over watering from an average commercial property is equivalent to the needed clean drinking water for 200 families in a developing country. So we made it our mission to donate part of our SmartLink™ proceeds to global clean water projects. These contributions will bring safe and clean water to thousands of the world’s thirsty in the coming year and for generations.

We just returned from our 64th water mission. After a long week of rigorous work, we completed a functional well for hundreds of school children and the surrounding community. We hope you will support our missions and efforts to Water with Purpose.

We invite you to be more than a customer. Join our Max Rewards program and participate in our mission to save landscape water and make a difference in our world. Earn rewards as you help save more lives.

You can also make a difference with a generous donation to this vision and goal. Your donation will go directly to funding new water well projects to build, refurbish, and deliver clean water directly to those who desperately need it. Click here to make a monetary donation.

The Weathermatic Team