Sustainability Services
goes beyond saving water.


An affordable irrigation solution for
multi-site landscape management, water conservation and social responsibility.

Did you know that 70% of urban water use goes to landscaping irrigation and 50% of that water is wasted?

•  Reduce water use by 50% – Rapid ROI (<1-3 years).
•  Comply with restrictions – Maximizing watering opportunities.
•  Identify and apply for applicable rebates.
•  Enjoy a healthier sustainable landscape.


Did you know that 90% of commercial irrigation systems are over-watering or have undetected or unrepaired breaks?

•  Access all sites from a single cloud-based tool – anywhere, anytime.
•  Track water use & landscaping services.
•  Monitor alerts, repairs & contracted landscaping tasks.
•  Limit liability, reduce risk, minimize landscape damage.


Did you know that we give back one gallon of water to thirsty communities for every gallon our programs save?

•  Demonstrate passion for saving water and social responsibility.
•  Protect pedestrian traffic – Minimizing slick spots.
•  Conserve time and fuel – Reduce on-site trips & carbon footprint.
•  Participate in Weathermatic’s Save Water|Give Life initiative.
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The Weathermatic Solution



Smart Controllers optimize watering based on plant type, soil type, slope, geography and sun exposure.

Sensors detect climate data, water flow and other real-time information on-site and send it to the controller.

SmartLink Software with cloud-based connectivity provides alerts, remote monitoring, programming, landscape maintenance tracking and reporting across multiple sites.



Commissioning experts set up and program equipment, document site conditions, create water use goals and train landscape contractors and property management.

Monitor & Inspect sites for weather events and programming changes while tracking equipment status, site alerts and water restrictions. Re-inspect periodically.

Report with detailed monthly tracking of ROI, water savings and landscape maintenance and repairs.



Weathermatic has been an irrigation leader for over 70 years!

  • Factory trained and certified professionals
  • Industry Veterans and thought leaders
  • Landscape architects and analysts
  • Worldwide teams with global expertise
  • Technicians experienced in large scale rapid deployment


results-graphOur Results

With over 360,000 sites in operation, a 10,000 site audit and 1000 site study, we have very compelling data.



Clients cut water use by approximately 50% and saved millions of dollars.





10,000 Site Water Audit Results


No rain or freeze detection


Overwater by more than 600,000 gallons per acre


Currently have water line breaks


Do not perform contracted services – irrigation inspections

Unaddressed repairs per system

Weeks to complete repair

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