5 Ways Sustainability Services Can Help You

circle-1 Execute custom water conservation programs to reduce water use by 50% and achieve a payback within 3 years
circle-2 Comply with local water restrictions and maximize every watering opportunity to avoid fines for non-compliance
circle-3 Identify and apply for applicable rebates for each local site
circle-4 Monitor system alerts to ensure maintenance issues are identified and completed
circle-5 Limit liability and reduce damage from overwatering

Water Matters More


Water rising faster than any other utility

“The amount that Americans pay for water is rising faster than U.S. inflation and faster than the amount paid to any other utility service — be it gas, electricity, or telephone charges…”
Circle of Blue Survey


The focus on water usage has been on the inside where only 30% is consumed

irrigation facts_for web

EPA estimates state that 50% of water used for landscape irrigation is lost due to over-watering, evaporation, or poor irrigation design or maintenance. Our experience on hundreds of monitored sites indicates that savings on many sites can be achieved in the range of 50-70%.

*Source: EPA WaterSense, Circle of Blue Water Survey, Survey of 173 Financial Services Monitored Sites

Reasons for Overwatering

Outdated Technologyesplxplus_bg

Most irrigate according to a fixed number of minutes, without customization for weather, plant type, soil or local conditions. They also typically are not accessible remotely which makes them extremely inefficient and hard to program.

Unidentified Repairsblown-sprinkler

Unless closely monitored, broken main lines, broken lateral lines, broken sprinkler heads and other problems will go unnoticed – leading to dramatic water waste.

Complicated Sciencecomplicated-science

Most properties find it challenging to determine the true plant water requirements. It’s a complicated calculation with multiple variables: soil type, plant type, slope, shade/sun, and sprinkler type.

The Weathermatic Solution


Smart Controller

Custom settings optimize watering automatically based on plant type, soil type, slope, geography and sun exposure while patented diagnostics monitor system operations.


Most properties find it challenging to determine the true plant water requirements. It’s a complicated calculation with multiple variables: soil type, plant type, slope, shade/sun, and sprinkler type.

SmartLink Software Applicationsmartlink reports screenshot

SmartLink Software Application Internet cloud based connectivity enables transmission of alerts, remote monitoring and programming changes to avoid overwatering and poor maintenance.



  • Factory trained and certified irrigation professionals
  • Industry veterans and thought leaders in product application
  • Our staff consist of landscape architects and analysts with expertise in plant, water and soil
  • US, Europe, and Middle East based teams provide global knowledge and high quality analytics
  • Licensed and bonded field technicians experienced in large scale rapid program deployment



Establish available budget for sustainability initiatives, minimum payback requirement and timing.

Prioritize portfolio based on opportunities: water and expense savings, rebates, fine avoidance and restriction compliance.

Upgrade the site with smart irrigation package, create custom watering program, document site maintenance condition, create monthly water use goals, and establish     inspection schedule.

Train landscape contractor and property management on program goals and their roles in achieving success.

monitorMonitor & Inspect
Monitor sites for weather, programming and system changes while tracking equipment status, site alerts and water restriction updates. Re-inspect periodically.

Provide monthly reporting to track minimum payback requirement, water savings performance, and irrigation repairs.

Sustainability Services Packages


1,000 Site Savings Report

Gallon Savings Summary (click image to enlarge)

Dollar Expense Summary (click image to enlarge)