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Dallas Kids Give the Gift of Water to Nicaragua

Students at a village school in Leon, Nicaragua, have a new clean water well this Christmas, thanks to generous students thousands of […]

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Coming Soon: SmartLink Controller Snapshot

We’re excited to announce another new feature coming to SmartLink in November 2015: Controller Snapshot.

The new Controller Snapshot feature allows users to […]

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The Hydroillogical Cycle

The National Drought Mitigation Center commissioned this artwork in the late 1990s to show how drought, as a slow-moving natural disaster, tends […]

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“I’m not a sales rep but only a hard working contractor. I’ve installed every brand to find the best for my clients. The only irrigation controller that I have found to be the best for water saving, built for the technician, network support and easiest on the wallet is the Weathermatic / SmartLink network. I’ve installed several of the Weathermatics with the SmartLink device which allows me to access my controllers anywhere, without having to drive out to the site. It sends me alerts and updates to my email. It shows me daily weather reports and how much water it’s using. I save thousands [of dollars] in gas, time and labor. Most of all, my clients are very happy with the savings.”
Eric Perdue, Element Landscape Construction, Ojai, CA
“I have been in the industry for 26 years and one of the original testers of Valcon/Wetware back in 1994, and I was skeptical about a product that could be better. I installed four SmartLink Aircards in under 20 minutes and was operational within 5 minutes of logging-on through SmartLink Network. I immediately drove down a mile of medians operating every controller via my Android Smart Phone. At that point, I was sold. I cannot find one negative aspect of this unit. It is very apparent that Weathermatic did its homework and this is a win/win for Weathermatic and the end user. “
Travis Sales, City of Mesquite, TX
“The SmartLink web-based system can pay for itself in a single trip saved to adjust our customer’s controller. We are now able to respond in minutes rather than hours.”
Lucas Castor, National Account Manager, Brickman Contractors
“Payback in less than 3 months . . . Saved almost 4 million gallons of water . ..”
Alen Hinckley, Yorkshire West Realty Advisors
“We have the AT&T Stadium as one of our properties to maintain which has 16 Smart Line controllers installed on it. We installed Smart Link Air cards on these controllers last year and set the controllers to auto adjust. This site requires close controller supervision and the air cards have allowed us to make controller adjustments, turn controllers off prior to scheduled events at the stadium, and fine tune the auto-adjust programming. The AT&T Stadium looks better now than any time in the past.”
David Brown, LMI Landscapes